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The Fallout

February 15th, 2005 · No Comments · Uncategorized

The US Ambassador to Syria has been recalled. But not before she gave Syria’s President a firm ticking-off. Always seemed funny to me that America could give Syria the evil eye but still keep their Ambassador there.

Earlier, EU Foreign Policy chief Javier Solana said there was no need to review US-Syrian relations. He’s waiting for the results of an international inquiry.

But the US has its eyes on a different target: Syria was mentioned in their very first official response to the Beirut bomb.

They’ve refused to accept the Islamist group’s claims of responsibility.

So who did it? It was Syria wasn’t it. It’s gotta be. Who else could have, would have?

The Syrians were more than a little upset with Hariri…they had an obvious motive, but maybe too obvious? Would Syria be stupid enough to shoot themselves in the foot?

Or would an enemy of Syria want to turn the heat up on Syria? Israel’s adept at car bombings, they’re almost certainly to blame for a spate of identical assasinations in Damascus on Palestinian leaders. The Telegraph

Strange coincidence that just 24 hours before the murder, the French government warned Syria not to kill Hariri. They’ll face “total, final and irrevocable divorce with the international community” if they do, the warning said.

The size of yesterday’s operation would have taken military planning (The Telegraph, Al-Jazeera).

Yesterday Beirut felt fragile again. Not just because of the size of the bomb. But because they’ve lost the man who rebuilt Lebanon.


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