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Dirty Politics

February 27th, 2005 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

When you go fishing for accusations – when you try to blame everything including the colour of the sky on someone – expect it to come tumbling down.

The US wants to believe Syria’s to blame for their woes in Iraq. Can’t handle the Iraqi rebellion – it must be Syria’s fault, they’re helping the insurgency. Can’t find WMD – they must be in Syria.

It demanded Syria hand over Sabawi Al-Hasan, who was directing the insurgency from Syria. He was one of the 55 most wanted, and had a $1m reward on his head. He used to be head of the mukhabaraat (intelligence) and was adviser to Saddam.

But he’s just been captured by the Iraqi authorities.

But then Saddam, or his sons Uday and Qusay weren’t found in Syria either even though Assad was accused of harbouring them. Maybe, just maybe, Syria’s telling the truth when it says it closed the offices of Palestinian groups too?

A group of insurgents ‘confessed’ on Al-Iraqiya, the American-funded Iraqi channel. They proudly proclaimed they were Syrian.

The US authorities immediately cast doubt on the tape’s authenticity, rendering the broadcast less than worthless. Were Al-Iraqiyah trying too hard to please their masters? Western reporters in Baghdad say it was an Iraqi government initiative to cast Syria in the worst light – they did not accuse the men of any offences.

Rory Carroll in Baghdad: “The broadcast echoed the televised confessions and humiliations of Saddam Hussein’s opponents before his regime was toppled.”

When you lie, try to make it believable. One man claimed to be a member of Syrian intelligence, they were in Iraq to stop America getting to Syria, they were trained in Bashar Al-Assad’s home town. But why did they use knives instead of guns? “The Syrians told us to do it.”


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  • 1 Robert Lindsay // Mar 14, 2005 at 1.36 pm

    Hey I do not mean to be a dick here but I do have read a lot of articles doing interviews with the Iraqi resistance. From one interview over a year ago with “People Who Believe” the leader stated that Syrian intel was all over Occupied Iraq. For that matter, Occupied Iraq is crawling with US, Israeli, Turkish and especially Iranian intel. No one knew what the Syrian intel was up to there, though. But there were a number of Syrian students in Baghdad at the time who had a lot of money and were said to be helping fund the Iraqi resistance.

    OTOH, a Hell of a lot of Iraqis are helping fund the resistance. There have been a pretty fair number of Syrian fighters in Anbar for some time now, esp in and around Fallujah. One Syrian was a leader of a cell in Amariyah. There were quite a few Syrians fighting over in Qaim on the border. These guys are just freelancers gone across the border to fight with their Arab brothers. Some of the Syrians were ultra-hardline Sunni fundamentalists.

  • 2 sasa // Mar 14, 2005 at 1.55 pm

    But if that’s the case why are so few Syrians caught. Like I said before, out of the ten thousand prisoners caught by the occupying forces, 56 are Syrian. Either Syrians have hiding-genes, or they’re just not there.

    The US occupiers would love to pin the resistance on outsiders. It would suit them so well. Look, its not a legimate resistance against occupation, the Iraqis want us here. But those foreigners have come in to kill Iraqis and Americans. Lovely story but the facts just don’t add up.

    Anyone can rent-a-resister: just like Al-Iraqiyah did and just like many more will do.

    Syrian intelligence will stop you heading towards the Syria-Iraq border long before the Americans do!

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