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The Windy City

March 20th, 2005 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Syria is to turn to wind power. It has already installed 4000 wind electricty generators in Central Syria: Homs, Qalmoum and north of the capital Damascus.

There is a plan to build a new wind farm in Homs, which is the country’s industrial hub: on the road into Homs the factory emmisions are clear to see. But now it’s set to become the country’s windy city (the winds flow from the Western mountains down to the eastern desert).

The turbines look like enormous fans (above). In other countries there have been protests against the sight of these huge white objects, which are placed in windswept vantage points.

But it is a far cleaner source of energy than oil which causes carbon pollution.

Unlike the Gulf Arab states, Syria does not have large reserves of oil. But it still manages to export huge amounts from the desert, which account for 70% of GDP.

But those reserves are running low. Within ten years Syria is set to be a net importer of oil. And the wind turbines make it seem like Syria has come to accept that.


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  • 1 t'su // Mar 21, 2005 at 5.21 am

    I think wind power is a very good source of energy for Syria, or any country. The world should applaud the effort.

  • 2 Jim McGinn // Oct 7, 2015 at 11.20 pm

    I have some really bad news. Wind farms cause drought.

    The drought in 2006 to 2009 has been caused by wind farms. Here we see that by 2005 already 4000 had been installed in Syria.

    The rest of the world is just starting to experience what Syria already knows. After drought war follows.

    It’s sad.

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