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US Officials: Zarqawi wasn’t in Syria

June 4th, 2005 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

US Officials have taken back a previous statement that Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi visited Syria to plan attacks and to receive medical treatment.

The original statement was made by a Military official living in Baghdad’s Green Zone. But now intelligence say that there’s no suspicion that Zarqawi ever visited Syria.

On condition of anonymity, a US Official said that the original story was based on a single source who has now changed his story significantly. That’s the danger of single source stories (see the middle of the page).


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  • 1 Anonymous // Jun 6, 2005 at 3.27 am

    wake up arabs this is another example of the us faking acusation to justify destroying syria another arab country fo the sake of israel.

  • 2 Anonymous // Jun 15, 2005 at 10.34 pm

    It’s starting to look increasingly like Syria will be the next Bush
    target, although nuclear-related sites in Iran may well get bombed as
    well. The US isn’t man enough to invade and occupy Iran. It’s too
    vast and rugged and would cause the US endless problems on the
    ground. Also, the Russians and Pakistanis wouldn’t like it.

    Syria is a altogether different proposal. It is small and easily
    overrun and in an extremely accessible location – the US can hit it
    from Iraq, Cyprus, Israel, and possibly even Turkey. For Bush, it
    also has lots of Biblical associations, as indeed Iraq did too. Like
    Iraq before, it has a Baathist regime that wouldn’t be too sorely
    missed, while, unlike Iraq, it is mainly Sunni with a large Christian
    minority. This means that elections here would work even better than
    in Iraq, where they have created the problem of empowering the
    Shiites, the section of the populace most sympathetic to Iran. A
    democratic Syria would fit in with America’s restructuring of the
    Middle East and take pressure off Israel by removing support for
    Palestinian extremists.

    For all these reasons, I believe a US invasion of Syria is
    inevitable. This is the subtext behind the convenient assassination
    of Hariri, which caused protests against Syrian involvement in
    Lebanon, and the recent suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, which is also
    being placed at Syria’s door. There will be a period of rising
    tensions and, possibly, terrorist incidents, followed by an invasion.
    We may even hear that bin Laden is there along with some WMDs. I
    would schedule the invasion for next year, but this year is not out
    of the question either, and by 2006 at the latest.
    — End forwarded message —

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