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Former Comunist Party leader killed in Beirut

June 21st, 2005 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

George Hawi, former leader of Lebanon’s Communist Party, has been killed by a car bomb in Wata Musaitbi at 10 o’clock this morning.

He is the third person to be targetted in Beirut in recent months, following the killings of Rafiq Al-Hariri and Samir Qassir.

Expect Syria to be blamed. But isn’t that far too obvious? It doesn’t make sense to ‘secretly’ kill someone when everyone knows it’s you – while simultaneously straining to placate the US!

It’s also unclear why they’d target a former politician (and a former ally), when there are many new and more significant opponents, following yesterday’s victory. It is also strange that all of the targets – and target areas – have been Christians. This killing smells of an outside hand attempting to implicate Syria.


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  • 1 Anonymous // Jun 21, 2005 at 8.12 pm

    The Western press stresses that he was anti-Syrian not mentionning that he was also anti-Israeli.
    Someone is readying the sticks to beat Syria and needs to antagonize public opinion against us.

  • 2 Anonymous // Jun 21, 2005 at 8.47 pm

    it is clear ,the revolution eats it,s own children , the oposition are killing each other for the control of Lebanon and blaming Syria will give the west an excuse for more sanctions,Syria should offer safty to any lebanese polititian who want to live in syria as syria can not control lebanon any more. naim

  • 3 dsekou // Jun 22, 2005 at 2.24 am

    at first thought i’d bet mossad had a hand in it . what does syria have to gain by antagonizing people already angry at them and giving the bushites an excuse for saber rattling .

    condoleeza rice was even more underhanded than usual with her “cut it out ” comment to syria when no one yets knows for certain who is responsible for today’s bombing , or the other two before it.

  • 4 Desert Island Boy // Jun 22, 2005 at 5.26 am

    Was Samir Kassi a Christian as well?

  • 5 Anonymous // Jun 22, 2005 at 5.46 am

    yes he was christian ROM or greeck orthodox.

  • 6 dsekou // Jun 24, 2005 at 8.45 pm

    hmm… when the Us pulled a coup in indonesia –they supplied the right wing with the names of “communists” for execution. about 500,000 in all overthere were killed. in vietnam , operation phoenix assassinated 15,000 to 50,000 “communist” supporters or leaders . long ago in iraq the Us supplied an up and coming saddam with names of “communists” for imprisonment and execution . –of course this is nothing conclusive , just something to think about.

    if this dead man was christian as well as former communist party leader–perhaps someone is killing two birds with one stone.

    who is to gain from eliminating a former “communist” party leader and also possibly stir up suspicions and old antagonisms between christians and muslims in lebanon ?

    they say that in iraq there are at least two insurgencies . one fights americans and their puppets and one of the other “insurgencies” seeks to get sunnis, kurds and shias to fight each other to break the country up into warring factions.

    it could possibly make one wonder if someone has an agenda for the region to disintegrate into warring factions and who would such an agenda possibly benefit?

  • 7 Anonymous // Jun 26, 2005 at 11.38 am

    I find it strange that news immediately after the bombing stated that they had arrested 4 or 5 Syrians on a rooftop overlooking the bombsite, and they suspected that the bomb was set-off by remote (e.g.:radio) control. But I have not seen any followup on this item, describing the outcome of further investigation and whether the Syriaans were arrested or released. If anyone knows, please post it here and give a reference. Thanks.

  • 8 sasa // Jun 27, 2005 at 12.14 am

    A point of journalism – when suspects are released, it’s generally not reported. If they are charged (or arrested in the first place) that will be reported. We can assume from the silence that nothing has happened.

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