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Lebanon finally has a government

July 19th, 2005 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

After three weeks of wrangling, Parliamentarians have finally agreed who should govern Lebanon.

The 24 member cabinet is made of politicians and non-political specialists, and includes one member of Hizbollah for the first time, but Michel Aoun is not taking part.

Rejectionist Aoun refused to join the cabinet after he was denied the Justice Ministry. Hizbollah take their seat as Energy Minister – a weak but symbolic post.

The controversial decision over who to send to the Foreign Ministry – traditionally held by Hizbollah-ally Amal – was settled by giving the post to an independent Shia. He was supported by both Hizbollah and Amal. Hizbollah had been lobbying for the post, which is seen as important in the face of international pressure on their militia in the south.

Elias Murr, the victim of an attempted assasination last week, returns to the government.


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  • 1 Anonymous // Jul 20, 2005 at 4.37 am

    naim says :i want to make a comment about the problem in Iraq and the move to devide the country into Kurds Sunny Arabs Sheaa Arabs areas and what syria should learn from that to avoid simmeler problems ,the problem which lead Iraq to this problem comes from the rules which ask people to return to the areas of their origin to vote or obtain a passport even if they never lived their ,that is a tribel system which assign spesific areas to defferent minority which make the kurds living in the north ,sheaa in the south and the sunny in the center in spite of the fact that the population are more mixed than what the sences say,in the US population are encoureeged to move to other state through colleges and jobs they register where they live not where they come from that will divers the people in deffirent states so no minorirty can be amajority in any state and ask for separation,Syria should do the same ,I was born in Homs lived next to palmyra lived in Damascus during my studies at the university and in Homs but because my family orginaly from Hama i still had to obtain my papers ,and vote there syria is well divers counrty where an acurate senses will show that there is no spesific kurdish ,allawat christian or any other minoroty areas in syria,one of the rules that helped the US diversity is the law which make it illegal to deny housing or schooling for ethnic religious or racial reason syria should do the same and register people where they live to vote for the people who reprsent them where they live not where they come from ,in my case Hama,that will give the people a sens of belonging to their naighborhood not to their tribe and where their family comes from. naim /Usa .

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