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Aoun calls for good relations with Syria

July 21st, 2005 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Turncoat/Hypocrit/War-mongerer/Mass-murderer/Opportunist Michel Aoun has called for “normal and balanced” relations with his arch-foe Syria.

It comes just two days after he was rejected from joining the government of national unity, which includes opponents and supporters of Syria, right-wing Christians, and Hizbollah.

Because of his beliggerance and expansionist thoughts, he was rejected by the mainstream Future opposition led by Saad Hariri, so he teamed up with allies of Syria in a bid to grab power. And that’s after he returned from a 15 year exile: he fled to paris after a ‘war’ with Syria.

And now it seems he wants to play.

In a demonstration of the good-old Aoun bitterness, he predicted that the government would fall, and that none of its reforms would succeed. In an ominous sign, he said he would keep an eye out for the government’s corruption: Saad’s father Rafiq Al-Hariri led the country to an unprecidented national debt of $33 billion – the highest rate in the world.


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