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LIVE: Syria UN resolution: arrest suspects

October 26th, 2005 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

A draft UN resolution being pushed by the US and France calls on Syria to arrest anyone named by Mehlis as a suspect in the murder of Hariri.

It comes on the day that it was revealed that Syria has jailed one of the people named in the Mehlis report.

Anyone implicated would face a travel ban and assets freeze.


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  • 1 norman // Oct 26, 2005 at 2.43 pm

    Rusia is said prepared to block economic sanction against syria,you think they got courage?.

  • 2 Oli // Oct 26, 2005 at 4.05 pm

    Russia’s position is vital in this instance. I think that there position of veto will be instrumental in assuring Syria’s safety from the warmongering instincts of the US, who seem bent on providing any excuse any country which does not comply entirely with its understanding of governance. I think that they have definitely got the courage to intervene, and as well they should. Again I am disappointed in my own country (UK) in its inability to act with any sensitivity on this issue and to provide the Arab world with another excuse to show contempt towards us.

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