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Syria says Maher Al-Assad and Asef Showkat CAN be questioned by the UN

November 1st, 2005 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Syria has announced that the president’s brother Maher Al-Assad and his brother-in-law Asif Shawkat, the military intelligence chief CAN be questioned by Detlev Mehlis.

It comes just a day after the UN adopted a resolution calling for Syria to co-operate fully with Mehlis or face possible further action – although the threat of sanctions was dropped at the last minute.

Syria’s Ambassador to the UK, Sami Al-Khiyami says that Mehlis interviewed a handful of people in Damascus, but made no request to speak to Maher or Asif.

Mehlis left Syria saying he was “satisfied” that Syria had co-operated. Weeks later he published a report saying Syria had failed to fully co-operate, and that was the basis for yesterday’s UN action.


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  • 1 norman // Nov 2, 2005 at 6.26 am

    i wonder if it will matter ,they will blame Syria any way and impose sanctions i hope syria will have the guts to defend itself by making it very expensive to Lebanon and Jordan and Iraq.and the US in Iraq.

  • 2 Anonymous // Nov 2, 2005 at 2.08 pm

    Panicky Syrian Businessmen Reportedly Smuggle $Billions to Gulf Banks
    The United States was quoted on Wednesday as reporting a mass flight of capital from Syria to banks in Gulf nations in anticipation of the Detlev Mehlis charge that senior officials of the Assad regime were involved in the assassination of Lebanon’s 5-time Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
    U.S. officials say several wealthy Syrian businessmen, among them close associates of the Damascus regime, have transferred $billions and moved their businesses to the Gulf just before the Mehlis report on Hariri’s murder was submitted to the Security Council, the London-Based Al Hayat reported on Wednesday.

    The sources said panicky Syrian businessmen smuggled their money out as Assad’s Baathist regime stood on a knife-edge after U.N. resolution 1636 ordered Syria to cooperate ‘fully and unconditionally’ with the Mehlis probe or face global punishment, according to Al Hayat.

    No names were mentioned in Al Hayat’s report and the Gulf nations involved were not identified, although the inference clearly points to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the two UAE states that maintain a free-wheeling economic system.

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