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Bashar to annouce reforms in Syria – Amnesty International back in Syria

January 21st, 2006 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

After all hope was lost. After 5 years and little change. After international pressure strengthening the hand of the old guard. Finally, Bashar is to relaunch his reform program.

But there have been false dawns before.

And today is different: with US tanks on the Syrian border, and unprecedented domestic attacks from key Syrians like Riad Seif and Abdul Halim Khaddam calling for Bashar’s overthrow, is anything going to change?

This weekend’s reforms – the first talk of real liberalisation since 2001 (ignoring the party conference) – includes making it easier for other parties to get involved in government, and politicise more Syrians. It’s not clear whether the Muslim Brotherhood would be involved – but Bashar has been making concilliatory sounds to them in recent years.

Astonishingly, human rights group Amnesty International have been allowed back in to Syria for the first time since 1997. One of their conditions of operation is that they can operate freely, so it’ll be interesting to see what they report.

It’s an unusual time to liberalise domestically. The prisoner releases were hailed as a way of getting the government’s opponents to rally round the ‘national cause’ – unity not plurality.

5 years ago Syria thought all its dreams had come true. It came crashing down 18 months later. Is this Bashar’s last chance?


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  • 1 The Syrian Brit // Jan 21, 2006 at 7.32 pm

    Has anybody seen Assad’s speech??.. Is this man real??.. He has, at last, proven to me that he has lost the plot.. I suspected it for a long time, but today, he has done it.. he has proven it beyond doubt…
    He was joking about the US’s attempts to ‘isolate’ Syria.. He thinks it means stopping foreign dignitaries from visiting Syria.. In fact, at one point he made it sound like the US is paying us a compliment by ‘isolating’ Syria..
    Everyone was waiting with anticipation, hoping he would say something substantial about political reforms.. instead, we get the same old drivel..
    I tell you, the man has lost the plot…

  • 2 Anonymous // Jan 21, 2006 at 11.14 pm

    The 5 prisoners were not freed ,they finished the 3/4 of their sentence.
    I’m pessimistic because the center of Assad power are the mukhabarat their job is crushing any civil society reconstitution.


  • 3 norman // Jan 23, 2006 at 12.04 am

    I do not understand how he does not move on political,legal and economic reform,what is waiting for the demise of the Baath party as the conclusion that the MB keep saying that reform can not come from Bashar,he propably does not have long time to move the people will stop trusting him.

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