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Syria making a deal with the US?

January 31st, 2006 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

More reports today of secret negotiations between Bush and the Syrian government.

A senior source in Damascus says that the two countries are talking about a face-saving way for Syria to take the blame for the Hariri investigation.

According to the leaks, Syria would hand over Ghazli and a senior aide, who would be charged with murder. Bashar and Asef Shawkat would be off the hook and full relations between the two countries would be re-established.

Apparently, America is laying down other conditions: an end to the support for Iraq’s insurgents and tighten the border. An interesting new condition is that America wants Syria to play down its ties with Iran – if Syria comes back into the international community, it must play the game of isolating Iran.

Syria seems willing on all three fronts.

But there is also a demand to end support for Hizbollah, which Syria isn’t so keen on.

The talks are happening with Saudi mediation. But the US Embassy in Beirut denied that anything was happening. Last year secret talks between Syria and Israel were blown out of the water and all ties were cut when they were leaked to the press.


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  • 1 norman // Jan 31, 2006 at 9.18 pm

    Having peace with the US should be Syria,s goal but should not be in return of isolating Iran ,Syria should and must remember that in the eighties it was Iran and Syria who broke the surrender treaty between Lebanon and israel and Hizballa who pushed them out ,it was not the Us or the corupt arab states,any deal with the US should enclude the return of the Golan Hights,Syria should remember that the assult on Syria was not justified and could be repeated if Syria does not sell out the palestenians and that the Us and iot,s Arab allies would not have offered Syria a way out if it is not for their fear of a Syrian Iranian Palestenian and Hizballa alience,their deal with Syria could be just to isolate Iran and take from the equasion an attack on israel from Lebanon and Syria ,just remember they will not give anything if they are not forced to. i hope syria is allert to these plans.

  • 2 Anonymous // Feb 1, 2006 at 12.42 am

    what alliance with palestanian ,iran ,hizboallah
    the baath rulers are looking to survive only, If US ar truhfull it shouldn’t give way to blood & mafia
    jontta . Syria have a lot to offer arab’s and the world give the syrian a chance to live without a lying facade.

  • 3 Anonymous // Feb 1, 2006 at 10.16 pm

    but it was jumblaaaaaattttttttt who killed hariri and jeajeaaaaaa that killed tweini!

    WHy should Syria be making deals????????????

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