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50,000 Lebanese refugees arrive in Syria

July 21st, 2006 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

50,000 Lebanese have fled across the border into Syria, while the world concentrates on foreigners being shipped out of Beirut port by Navies.

Another half-million Lebanese are refugees in their own country. They either don’t have enough money to leave, or can’t risk getting to the border because Israel is sending million dollar rockets into every vehicle heading to or from the border.


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  • 1 Fares // Jul 21, 2006 at 3.05 am

    Rallying for Lebanon and the West double Standards

    God help us

  • 2 Los Angeles Observer // Jul 21, 2006 at 6.14 am

    I was having thoughts of compassion for Lebanon, but idiots like you make me cheer for Israel.

    As a Mexican-American, I see similar situation with recent protests in the US. Mexican nationals protest and demand rights in the US. They always bring up the issue how the US stole California, Arizone, and Texas. When questioned why they left Mexico they all respond referencing the economy, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity, coruption, and violence.
    Translated…the inability to govern! As a people they failed to create an ecomomy, and failed to root out corruption…they failed to govern. Sound familar? (Lebanon,Palastine areas, Syria, Iran) Do I want Mexico to regain conrol of these states…Hell No!

    Are we as a world going to allow some 13 century, narrow minded idiots try to govern large parts of this world…HELL NO! We only tolerate stupidity for so long…remember Japan. If Syria and Iran get stupid…their next. Don’t confuse the world’s patience for weakness.

    Isarel pulled back out of the area of Gaza, did those guys try to create an ecomony..NO. Did they deal with coruption..NO. They became the largest welfare case in the world, and the world is tired of the whining. Israel pulled back out of Lebanon, and you guys tolerate these idiots. If you want to tie your futures to these type of idiots. I hope the next strike is on you.

    The world has had enough of cowards who hide when they pick a fight, idiots, and freedom dening assholes.

  • 3 Anonymous // Jul 21, 2006 at 11.56 am

    I think you’ll find that Israel did not ‘give up Gaza’. It simply pulled out its illegal settler colonies and removed its army from the streets. It still kept its army at the gates of Gaza, chose to open it when it felt like, didn’t allow any air flights, nor sea activity. Gaza has become the world’s biggest open prison.

    At the same time it expanded its settlements in the West Bank.

    So “trying to deal with the economy” would require a lot more than moving your army one kilometre away.

    And as for the corruption, that’s why Fatah were voted out and Hamas were voted in. But Israel didn’t like that free and fair election.

    Likud and Kadima are just as much terrorists as Hamas are. Having a ‘state’ doesn’t legitimise targeting civilians.

    And if Palestine is a welfare case, what does that make Israel, which receives more aid than any other country in the world.

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