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US: no attack on Syria

January 12th, 2007 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Reuters: “U.S. officials said their plan was to disrupt such networks while staying inside Iraq.”

While she was being challeneged about whether Bush is allowed to invade Syria, Condoleeza Rice said: “Obviously, the president isn’t going to rule anything out to protect our troops, but the plan is to take down these networks IN Iraq.”

It came just hours after US troops broke international law by invading an Iranian consulate building in Irbil in northern Iraq.

Syria’s Vice-President Farouq Ash-Sharaa says the American plan to send 21,500 more foreign troops to Iraq will make the problem worse: “Increasing the number of American forces in Iraq…is to throw oil onto the fire.”


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  • 1 norman // Jan 12, 2007 at 4.42 am

    Bush was very clear about his intentions , no talk to Syria but demands to Syria ,all of all he is saying the same things ,what makes me worry is that he will fail in Iraq then blame Syria and Iran for his failiure and prepare the American public for an attack ,That is the talk on American TV.

  • 2 norman // Jan 12, 2007 at 5.15 am

    Amre,The Arabs have only one enemy and that is Israel, I did not hear anything about Iran being an enemy when it was pro Israel under the Shah but that was axceptable to the Saudies and the corrupt Arab states then when the Islamic revolution got rid of the Shah they ( the west and The gulf states encluding Kuwait) pushed Saddam to attack Iran who did what Arab country do not know how to do,they refused C-Fire without the withdrowel of the Iraqi army ,8 years later and after the death of two milion moslems and bilion of dollars the war ended only to see Kuwait and other gulf states asking Iraq for the money they gave Iraq to suppress the Iranian moslem revolution ,that pushed Iraq Saddam with inticment from the American to attack Kuwait to give an excuse to bring the American and the west to Arab lands ,Amre, the enemies of the Arab and the Palestinians are not the Iranians ,They are other Arabs ,The Arabs who want to surrender and force the Palestinian moslem Hamas ,Syria and Lebanon into submition,Shame on these Arabs the Arabs of the Saudi arabia ,Egypt,and Jordon for betrial of the Arabs and moslems.about Iraq ,the insugecy that atacks the occupation force is a resistence but not the people who bombed mosques just because they belong to the Shiia faith, shame on them, I think your assesment of Iranian help to the occupying force is wrong and what president Bush said about Iran makes sence as it is of Iran’s interest to keep the US busy in Iraq to prevent an attack on Iran ,Syria Has simmiler objective.

    Posted by norman | 5:10 AM

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