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Update: 24 dead, people trapped in the camp

May 20th, 2007 · No Comments · Lebanon

At least 24 people are confirmed dead in the worst civil fighting in Lebanon for 16 years.

At least 40 others have called Al Jazeera to say they are trapped inside the camp by the Lebanese Army, and are not being allowed to leave to seek medicial treatment, in scenes reminscent of the Phalange siege of the Sabra and Chatilla camps.

29 people have been taken to hospital. 13 Lebanese soldiers are among the dead, and 10 Fateh Al Islam fighters. At least 1 civilian has died.

Fateh Al Islam is linked to Al Qaeda. It is alleged that the Siniora government has been funding Al Qaeda linked groups, like the anti-Syrian Fateh Al Islam. Fateh Al Islam is blamed for the February bus bombing which killed 3 people.

There is a lot of unwritten stuff between the lines of today’s violence.


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