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Romanticising Syrian Cinema

June 19th, 2007 · 4 Comments · Media

By Hazim Bitar via Golaniya.

“Two hours north of Amman, Jordan, an Arab Hollywood is emerging, in Damascus, Syria. Along with it, a flurry of digital filmmaking activities is starting to give Syrian New Cinema shape.

Syria is the Arab country with the most developed cinema and audiovisual production infrastructure east of the Mediterranean. Syrian TV drama has dominated Arab TV screens over the last decade with no contender on the horizon.”


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  • 1 norman // Jun 19, 2007 at 2.49 am

    I am very glad to see that , what makes very happy is that the cinema and the entertainment business is probably one of the rare industries that are free from government control and indicate that the Syrian people can achieve when they left alone , The Syrian government should take a hint and free the people to do business as they like and tax them reasonably , that will increase the government revenue to help industries that need help.

  • 2 Wassim // Jun 20, 2007 at 12.28 pm

    Does anybody know of any really good Syrian films out in the past few years? I have to say my knowledge is limited and I’ve only been watching things on DVD like Bab el Hara.

  • 3 norman // Jun 20, 2007 at 5.47 pm

    It is time,

    Officials: Syria closes border with Lebanon
    Posted 22m ago | Comment | Recommend E-mail | Save | Print |

    BEIRUT (AP) — Syrian authorities on Wednesday closed a border crossing with northeastern Lebanon without giving a reason, Lebanese security officials said.
    The closure of the Qaa-Jousseh crossing left only one land border crossing between the two countries open — the main Beirut-Damascus link at Masnaa in the eastern Bekaa Valley.

    Syrian authorities closed two other crossing with northern Lebanon after the May 20 outbreak of fighting in the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr el-Bared where Lebanon troops are battling Fatah Islam militants.

    At the time, the Syrians said the two crossings were closed for safety reasons.

    Since the Syrian troop withdrawal from Lebanon in 2005 under international pressure, Syria has used the flow of goods and people across the border as a pressure tactic against Lebanon, Lebanese opponents of Damascus have said.

    FIND MORE STORIES IN: Lebanese | Syrian | BEIRUT | Damascus | Arab League
    In late 2005, slow processing of trucks carrying goods led to long lines on the crossings, prompting prompting calls from the United States and other countries on Syria to end it.

    Wednesday’s closure came as an Arab League delegation was in Beirut meeting with Lebanese leaders, dispatched here after Lebanon’s anti-Syrian parliamentary majority demanded the Arabs act to end Syrian interference in Lebanese affairs and alleged smuggling of weapons and militants into this country. Syria denies the accusations.

    The Arab team was sent to Lebanon after a foreign ministers’ meeting in Cairo last week following the assassination of a pro-government Lebanese lawmaker which his supporters blamed on Syria.

    Lebanese security officials, speaking on condition of anonimity because they were not authrized to give media statements, said drivers coming from Syria earlier in the day have been told by Syrian officials that the crossing would be closed.

    The closure also was reported by the official Lebanese news agency. It said vehicle and passenger traffic in both directions was closed by the Syrians and that no reason was given.

    Damascus, which did not officially confirm the move, has in the past threatened to close its land border with Lebanon if an international force is deployed alonng the boundary to prevent the illegal transfer of weapons to Lebanon, as was envisaged in a U.N. Security Council resolution that ended the Hezbollah-Israel war last year.

    A full closure of Lebanon’s border with Syria would sever Beirut’s land links with the Arab world and could severely hurt its economy.

    Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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  • 4 Walter William Safar // Jul 5, 2011 at 6.49 pm

    Syrian films????

    The Syrian people must have civic rights to freedom of expression.
    Remember:neither a dictator and the army can not kill the voice of Freedom!!
    Only cowards and thugs shoot at civilians, a brave and honorable soldiers protect civilians.

    Syrian soldier,Syrian officer,Syrian politician,Syrian people:REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!!
    Walter William Safar poet


    Demonic fires blaze in the eye of the stone palace,
    and me,
    I only stand in the dark beneath the sky
    that reaches its invisible hands
    out towards scores of nameless graves.
    For callous dictator Assad,
    they are but nameless graves
    upon which no one’s tear fell.
    They were silently and swiftly buried into the black soil,
    without speeches and tears,
    without too many imprints
    on the black soil.
    (They say that everyone’s life is worth attention,
    and that the dark truth is that only death equally appreciates each life)
    And while they treacherously, silently and swiftly
    dug a new nameless grave,
    only death was faithfully listening to the crickets
    feverishly spluttering away in the dark
    to honor the dead child.
    In the hazy grave lies the child,
    like a shadow of many dreams,
    and the raindrop,
    brought from the honorable mountain
    by the honorable wind,
    softly and timidly trembles
    on the dead poet’s white face,
    like an angel’s tear.
    And dictator, tycoons and thugs
    are sitting in the golden loges now,
    ghastly and faithfully acting:
    the righteous, the charitable, the Believers,
    crying their copper voices
    out into Global silence,
    like a copper bell,
    and the dead child
    now waits for one tear
    in a nameless grave.

    ©Walter William Safar


    Tell me FREEDOM…

    Oh…tell me Hope

    Does your hot breath

    Travel the cold mountain,

    -where the solitary scream

    strays through the pestiferous fog-

    Tell me,golden FREEDOM

    Tell me hope

    How can I descend

    Into the mild valley

    Where Your wings

    Chase away

    The fog

    Towards the white heavenly fields

    Where yours wings

    Chase away the screm

    Oh the Life

    Did our acquaintance

    Turn into

    An everlasting friendship


    Golden hope

    My friend!…

    My Life!

    Is what I drink from your spirit…

    From yours spirit-

    Walter William Safar©

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