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Israel to allow Damascus-based Palestinian leader into the West Bank

July 15th, 2007 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

It’s all part of Israel’s cosying up to Mahmoud Abbas. Israel wants to allow DFLP leader Nawef Hawatmeh in to Palestine.

Hawatmeh wants to attend a PLO meeting, led by Abbas.

He hasn’t been allowed into Palestine since 1967. Although on face value it seems a strange decision by Olmert. The DFLP is considered to be a hardline member of the PLO. It exists on the extreme left of the PLO, and has very little support, inside or outside of Palestine.

Although, its politics are diameticrically opposed to those of Hamas.

So could this be Israel’s attempt at creating a counterweight to Hamas, regardless of the consequences? Remember what happened when Israel wanted to created a counterweight to the PLO? It funded Hamas.


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  • 1 Peace // Jul 15, 2007 at 4.52 pm

    There is too much ignorent in this article…

    Israel doesn’t need to creat counterwieght for Hamas… the Palastenian situation now… is the result of Isralian plan, and giving more strength to any party will give the chance to crach the other
    This isn’t the aim

    I belive that the reason is to weak the Syrian cards… since that the Syrian leaders have been bedding those Palastenian leaders for quiet while now… and the only way to loose the Syrian this card… is to make those leaders bcak to their home

    not to mention that hwatmeh was the first leader who called for Palastenian authourity on one KM2 in palastine

  • 2 sasa // Jul 15, 2007 at 10.18 pm

    “giving more strength to any party will give the chance to crach the other
    This isn’t the aim”

    I think you’ll find that is exactly what Israel’s leaders have been doing over the past month. Olmert even admitted as much! Why do you think Olmert is releasing only FATEH prisoners!

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