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Lebanon jailing or expelling Iraqi refugees

December 4th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Human Rights Watch says police are arresting ALL refugees and detaining them indefinitely. They are being ordered to return home. As HRW says, “Rot Here or Die There”.
To make it worse, they are not allowing ANY refugees to stay. It is the most outrageously racist anti-refugee policy of any Arab country. Even America is letting in a tiny number of refugees.
HRW says the policy affects not just the ones who have been caught, but all the other refugees as well. They and their families live in constant fear of arrest and being sent back to die.
The Lebanese authorities MUST end this dangerous policy NOW.
It is bad enough that every neighbouring country of Iraq has closed its borders – except Jordan and Syria which have imposed tough new visa regulations. When Iraq starting offering free bus journeys from Syria to Iraq, I suspected Syria might be supporting the moves – to reduce the number of refugees in Damascus.
But this Lebanese policy is just something unbelievable. Unthinkable. Stop it now. Stop the arrests of Iraqis. Stop the attacks on Syrians. And stop blaming Palestinians.
Just remember how Syrians welcomed you into their homes last year when YOU needed help.
Full report. (Picture: Iraqi refugees in Sayida Zainab, Damascus.)


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    Put a sock in your mouth..
    The verbal diarrohea is beyond epic proprtions…

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