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January 20th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Some comments are bound to go unread – because they’re on posts which were written a while ago. So I’m reposting this one.

It was a comment on my post called Paper Tigers.

Hey there! That famous Arab hospitality is on display again! You give the poor people on the Tube train in London too much credit. They are reading newspapers, yes – but the ‘news’ in them is fecking awful. I despair of my country. The best-selling ‘news’papers are tabloids which are filled only with racism, xenophobia, celebrity gossip, sport and how much Iraqis are grateful for us overthrowing their awful dictator. In short, nothing worth reading.

Your Damascan bus is much better. At least they are sitting enjoying the view out of the window rather than filling their minds with irrelevance and/or spite.

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Thanks Anon.


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