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The Opposition and March 14’s dirty little secrets

May 18th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Some accounts of attacks against individuals during the clashes in Lebanon (from the sometimes unreliable Human Rights Watch). Despite the best propaganda attempts of March 14, no-one is clean. NO-ONE.

Opposition gunmen killed two unarmed civilians in Ras An Naba: 59 year old Amal Baydoun and 35 year old Haytham Tabbarah. They also detained a number of March 14 fighters – although most were transferred to the Army as soon as they were captured. Four Junblatt fighters were kept by Hezbollah – when they were released they said they had been treated well. Two others said they were insulted and punched.

Hariri fighters and Junblatt militants, on the other hand, are accused of committing war crimes. Junblatt fighters captured two Hizbollah supporters and summarily executed them: one had been shot in the head at very close range while the other had part of the skin of his forearm removed (Human Rights Watch claims to have photos). In another incident, pro-government fighters beat and kicked SSNP (Opposition) fighters who were already lying on the ground, injured.


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  • 1 Hermes // May 19, 2008 at 7.10 am

    Very good website. Syria is a beautiful country. You have a lot of tolerance judging by your handling of some of the comments.

    One question for you, what is the status of the Greek Orthodox in the latest Lebanese flare up? Who are they aligned with? Are their links with Syria very strong?

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