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Aftermath of the American invasion of Syria

October 29th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

This is a battle of words. True, eight people died, but everyone knows
Syria is not going to attack America – as it has the right to.

Syria has been invaded. America called it "taking matters into our own
hands". But the real debate is over what Syria is calling it.

On the streets, people are calling this an act of war. But officials
are deliberately steering clear of those two explosive words.

Syria does not want a war, no matter how limited, which is what
America appears to be gunning for.

Instead, they're calling it a war crime. That's telling, because it
frames the attack within the context of what's going on in Iraq. Syria
is making it clear it sees the invasion as a misstep in America's war
on Iraq. It is not an outright invasion.

Syria is as stunned as the rest of the world. It has cracked down on
people crossing the border. It's impossible to travel anywhere near
the border without getting stopped, checked or followed.

And America knows it. It has praised Syria for stopping the flow of fighters.

In Damascus, protection has been stepped up at the US Embassy. And on
the night of the attack there was an impromptu demonstration on the
city centre.


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  • 1 qunfuz // Oct 30, 2008 at 1.31 pm

    Matt – why is there not much doubt that the Americans got their man? Because the Americans say so? The Americans said there was a North Korean nuclear reactor in Syria. Anyone who knows anything about Syria knows this to be an absurd accusation. The Americans said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. People like you believed them.

    Secondly, even if the Americans did kill an al-Qa’ida man, their attack was an unwarrasnted act of terrorism. There are al-Qa’ida people in Britain. If America bombed Britain there would be a crisis of relations between the two countries.

    Thirdly, the greatest terrorist organisation at work in the middle east is the USA.

  • 2 Tess // Oct 30, 2008 at 5.09 pm

    Qunfuz: Excellent observation (re: your second point). I think that this choice by the Americans to cross the border into Syria and “take matters into their own hands” speaks greatly to the way that the US views Syria. Like you said, there are al-Qua’ida in the UK, but my sense is that the US trusts that they have the same stance against al-Qua’ida and have the means to arrest such people as necessary. The US also values their relationship with the UK and such a move would mean the loss of a major international ally.

    Clearly the US feels much differently about Syria. While Syria has a more immediate border to Iraq than the UK does, it’s not like overseas communication is difficult to attain, and if the US feels that they have gotten the man who has killed many Iraqis, maybe they only have one of the lower ranked people on the ground rather than one the people making decisions long distance. The choice to cross the border into Syria also demonstrates the lack of respect for the country, the belief that they do not have adequate control of the borders, nor do they stand behind stopping the individuals in charge of mass killings of their neighbors. Syria has just become part of the suspicious Middle Eastern blob that extends into Central/South Asia when necessary (Pakistan, Afghanistan).

    It’s ridiculous, and seems to ultimately be tied to a larger theme of the US being a global police force. What should be the US’s role internationally as a very wealthy and powerful country? Should they just stay out of everyone else’s business, or is that selfish when they have resources? Should they be distributing resources? With China becoming a world power, what will their role be internationally?

  • 3 Oliver // Oct 30, 2008 at 8.56 pm

    The US has no right to be in Iraq in the first place. There was no AQ in Iraq or Syria before the invasion. Saddam was not a threat to the US ever! (OK maybe the Wahabist KSA who funded the people of attacked us on 911). Anytime, anywhere the US attacks and occupies a Muslim country (or any other; see Vietnam) fighters will appear. Its not just the US it was the USSR and is Israel too. Arabs and Muslims have a right to self determination and sovereignty just as much as any people on earth. Too me this is all about driving a wedge between the US and Islam perpetrated by the Israeli’s because they see that their moral rational for occupation, lack of a peace deal and the settlements is coming unraveled. The right wing Israelis are desperate backed into a corner and dangerous.

    As for aftermath this is the kind of consequences of the Bush doctrine:

    DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) – A Syrian television station is reporting that the country is reducing the number of troops on its border with Iraq in response to a deadly U.S. cross-border raid.

    Syrian and Iraqi officials did not immediately confirm the report.

    The private station, Dunia, showed footage Thursday of Syrian troops dismantling positions on the border and leaving the area. The report says the act was a Syrian response to the “American aggression.”

    On Sunday, the U.S. military launched a deadly raid into Syria.

    Washington hasn’t formally acknowledged the raid. But U.S. officials say the target was a top al-Qaida in Iraq figure who operated a network that smuggled fighters into Iraq.


    Iraqi Cabinet ministers said they now wanted SOFA to include a clear text confirming that Iraqi territory would not be used to launch “aggression” against its neighbors. Both Syria and Iran have for months been urging Baghdad against signing a deal that would allow Iraq to be used by U.S. forces to launch military operations against them.


    Way to go USA USA USA!

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