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Jews against the Gaza massacre

January 11th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Israel’s supporters are staying very very quiet. There are no brazen public defences of Israel, like there were during the war on Lebanon in 2006.

But being quiet doesn’t mean they aren’t active. They are keeping their eyes out for anything they perceive as ‘bias’ (for bias, read ‘anti-Israeli’), and threatening to bring down the careers of any politician, celebrity or journalist who disagrees. These brave souls who speak out are called “anti-Semitic”.

Then there’s the other category – the “self-hating Jew”. He or she is – obviously – a Jew, who disagrees with the pro-Israeli narrative.

A perfect example is Britain’s Jews for Justice for Palestinians, who have been active at the daily protests at London’s Israeli embassy and Trafalgar Square.



Some Rabbis at one of these protests have apparently been burning their Israeli passports.


And today, a group of prominent Jews have spoken out in a letter in the Observer newspaper, to say:

“Relying on overwhelming military force to respond to terrorist provocations invariably imposes horrendous suffering on innocent Palestinian civilians while entrenching the agents of terror in their midst. We have no alternative but to pursue rational, long term political options that promote moderation and marginalise extremists.”

And in America too, orthodox Jews face angry pro-Israelis to speak out against the attacks (via Sabbah):


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