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Double the Arab killing, half the Israeli danger

January 13th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

952 Palestinians killed (one-third children, at least half civilians), 4200 injured – in 18 days.

13 Israelis killed (3 civilians, most of the soldiers killed by their own side).

And that is in 18 days.


Compare that with the war on Lebanon in 2006:

1191 Lebanese and Palestinians killed, 4409 injured.

162 Israelis killed.

That was in 33 days.


So, in half the time Israel has killed almost the same number of Arabs. But it has brought the Israeli casualty figure close to zero.

Now part of that is down to two things: Gaza is the most populated place on earth – Arab casualty figures will be higher here than in Lebanon. And Hizbollah rockets are more powerful than Hamas ones – so Israeli casualty figures will be lower near Gaza than near the Lebanese border.

But what it also shows is that Israel has – as it promised – been concentrating on avoiding civilian casualties. Israeli civilians. But the cost has been high for Gaza – huge numbers of Palestinians have died as Israel uses massive air power to kill without getting their hands dirty.

And that makes war cheap for Israel.


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  • 2 randy m // Jan 16, 2009 at 12.10 pm

    what isreal is doing is sick.times like this makes me ashamed to be the americans neibour, as they have backed the jews since the start.when will the other arab countries stop bowing to israel and step up for their fellow arabs?

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