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Dying for peace in Gaza

January 15th, 2009 · 17 Comments · Uncategorized

picture-4Spot the irony in the BBC headline.

It reminds me of an Italian chant during the demonstrations before the Iraq war: “bombing for peace is like f***ing for virginity”.

Gaza pounded amid push for truce. Who exactly is pushing for a truce? The same Ehud Olmert who let his Air Force bomb the building housing the few remaining brave journalists in Gaza (Reuters, Abu Dhabi and Ramattan).

Or maybe it was Tzipi Livni, just after she allowed her air force to attack a Gaza hospital with five hundred critically ill patients in it.

Or could it have been Ehud Barak, after commiting a war crime, by ordering his pilots to drop white phosphorous on a UN building, prompting Ban Ki-moon to express “outrage” for the first time in his life.


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  • 1 riverScrap // Jan 15, 2009 at 10.28 pm

    My two cents: If Israel succumbs to a truce immediately before Obama’s inauguration, then the expediency and opportunism of its attacks will be exposed for the whole world to see. Of course no-one will care much, as we all know it anyway.

  • 2 idit // Jan 16, 2009 at 1.45 am

    Let us not forget 19 rockets fired to Israel today, severly wounding a woman and a 7 years old child.

  • 3 idit // Jan 16, 2009 at 1.49 am

    On white phosphorous.

    The Red Cross officialy denied any use of it by Israel on civilians.

    Wipe off the egg from your face.

  • 4 Somar // Jan 16, 2009 at 7.24 am

    Hey Mr.idit
    Yesterday…Here in Japan one Israeli fall down from his bicycle and he has wounded his arm …So please add it to ur list…

    F*** u … u don`t ever feel shame…
    1105 dead…. 5130 injured…
    half of them r children and womens…
    pumping schools and mosques… and Even UN facilities…. u don`t feel cowered when u kill disarmed civilians…I know u don`t… and actually I`m not expecting u to have feeling from the first…

    anyway I`ll tell u this …
    maybe u can kill 1000….. 2000 …. 5000 …..
    and then what ….be sure children will never forget….

  • 5 Tim // Jan 16, 2009 at 7.45 am

    The Red Cross says it knows White Phosphoros is being used but it says it does not have evidence that it is being used illegally. We do have that evidence, because our UN building was bombed yesterday. We are gathering the evidence, to be presented in the internal investigation. We will be pushing for an international inquiry too.

  • 6 Alison // Jan 16, 2009 at 10.25 am

    I refute the criticism that the world without Israel will be better. Israel is an honorable nation. That does not mean they can take law in their hands. In fighting against the Hamas, who are killed most? The innoncent people – mostly women and children. Despite these things if Israelis are crazy after more innocent blood shed, does YHWH feel glorified by their acts of massacre. Or does their Moshiach feel it as an act of glorifying YHWH? For sure HIS curse is upon his own children. At least some other nation rise up boldly against this massacre, not in words but in action. More than massacre, it is a holocaust.

  • 7 randy m // Jan 16, 2009 at 12.18 pm

    isreal honorable? phht yeah right. the israelis are more bloodthrirsty than the americans.every chance they get, they jump in, boms flying, children dying, then they stepp back and cry to the world that some hamas pop rockets are making holes in their streets and “scaring ” civillians. and what about the civilains in gaza, with nowhere to run.seems to me theyd be pretty fucking scared too.someones gotta stepp up and belt israel a good one in the face soon. and btw IDIT….you mispelled your name.its IDIOT. fix that for next time

  • 8 pamela // Jan 16, 2009 at 12.38 pm

    Theres no way to defend Israel,s actions…full stop!!!

    People like idit are being requested by their goverment to blog in an attempt to get some sympathy ..because as well all know Israel is losing the pr war BIG TIME , so dont bother answering them ,

  • 9 riverScrap // Jan 16, 2009 at 2.01 pm

    wasim365 > you are behaving like a propagandist

    randy > all idit did was remind us that some Israelis are suffering too. He’s not an “idiot” for presenting the other side of the coin

    pamela > you sound like a conspiracy theorist. There are plenty of people who side with the Israelis, and they don’t need to be on the govt’s paylist to do so (I am friends with some)

    I am with the Palestinians on this one, but we shouldn’t stamp out voices that ask us to consider things in a different light

  • 10 Somar // Jan 16, 2009 at 2.43 pm

    Mr riverScrap> can u please tell us about Israelis suffering… how many injured and how many killed…
    Did u read the History …Do u know how many incident Israiel GOV killed …
    do u know how many child killed before this war started just because Israiel didn`t allowed food and fuel to pass to Gaza…and that`s why palstinian preferred war … for sure Fast dead is much easier than slow one…..

    by the way can I ask u why u r this time with Palestinians …???
    is it because Israel Killed Civilians… It`s not the first time….
    is it because Israel bombed UN facilities…It`s not the first time….
    Is it because Israel used forbidden weapons>>>I`m really sorry It`s not the first time….

  • 11 riverScrap // Jan 16, 2009 at 4.49 pm

    Mr Somar > I am indeed familiar with the history of the conflict from the Balfour declaration onwards. I’m also aware of the suffering that the Palestinians have endured due to Israeli blockades and embargos.

    My point is simply this: both sides have legitimate grievances. Anyone who believes that Israel is 100% at fault and the Palestinians are 100% in the right – or vice versa – simply doesn’t understand the complexity of the MidEast conflict. This is an intractable war that has raged for over 60 years, and painting it in simplistic black&white terms is NOT helpful.

    I’m really dismayed at how much radicalism and hatred I have seen on many blogs (not this one) over the past few weeks. There is so little genuine desire to engage in debate; instead everyone seems to be polarised around an either pro-Arab or pro-Israeli agenda. But if the MidEast conflict were as simple as “Israel is wrong, the Palestinians are right,” then it would have been solved decades ago.

    And incidentally: when I comment on Arab blogs I am accused of being a closet Zionist, and when I comment on US/Jewish blogs I am accused of being a terrorist sympathiser. So frankly I think I must be doing something right – because both sets of radicals disagree with me!

    Please can we stop the radicalism and start thinking about a solution.

  • 12 Somar // Jan 16, 2009 at 5.47 pm

    first…I can tell that a lot of Bloggers around here.. r not radicals as u think and some of them are even not Muslims…
    Arabs made full peace suggestion paper for all the Arab-Israel conflicts from palatine,Syria and Lebanon – Israiel conflict .few years ago…All arab countries approved it at that time … what was the answer… Israeli (sharon) said that it dosen`t cost the papers which written on….and directly after that Israel made JINEEN Massacre
    But after that and one year ago Arabs talked again about that peace plan but …No answer from Israel GOV …
    one year ago …Olmert send Peace paper For Syrian president… and two days Israeli aircraft bombed North east Syria…after that Syria continue to make indirect peace talk with Israel….
    So believe me Arabs want peace… but tell how can we trust Israel any more…tell me what we can do more than that ….
    the problem that Israel Say something then they change it next day…
    Can u remember how this Massacre started…
    there was a graduate celebration for Police members…(police not solders) Hamas didn`t want to do that celebration… But Israel send messages Via Egypt…and Hamas made that celebration… then Aircraft bomb that place …
    do u think this is clever…I think It`s cowered…

    I`m happy that u said that u read history… u said >>> then please remember that Oslo peace agreement…at that time they accepted to make two states … but now Israel make the wall which eat 40% of the already accepted agreement…can u give me one reason for the 40%…..

    can u tell me please what can we do more…. ????

  • 13 riverScrap // Jan 16, 2009 at 5.58 pm

    I sincerely wish I had the answer but I just don’t. All I can say is the Arabs are not quite as blameless as you claim. In 2000, Arafat rejected an offer by Israel to create a Palestinian state covering 97% of the occupied territories. And as far as Hamas is concerned, they consistently do everything they can to undermine peace prospects and provoke Israeli aggression.

    But nor is Israel blameless. I think behind closed doors, many Israelis – especially the religious ones – still think they deserve the whole of British-mandate Palestine. To that end, I don’t think they are interested in peace at all. This conflict is not ending any time soon.

  • 14 Somar // Jan 16, 2009 at 6.54 pm

    I`ll tell u what u said about 2000 is completely wrong….
    What Israel offered that they have to disarmed all palatines… first and then other steps can be done …and who can be sure that Israel will do here steps when Palastines do there own…
    (at that time Israel Suggest three points)

    1.the returned land will be without Jorsalam…
    2. to keep all Settlements inside new palastine state….(which have the best spots in the area)…
    3.don`t allow Plastines refugees to come back to there house and lands….

    So please No body can accept that….

    Arab suggest that Juruslam can be divided into two … or It can be International city…which every body can inter under the UN Ruling … but Israel didn`t accept…

    So please don`t be taken by fake Titles….
    Satan stays in Details…

  • 15 pamela // Jan 16, 2009 at 8.02 pm

    The conference in Qatar has just ended , Qatar and Mauritania have shut down all political ,economic and cultural ties with Israel. Syria has stopped all peace talks and all agreements are gone .
    A month ago Syria was buzzing with talks about peace.Everyone knew Israel and Syria were holding secret peace talks, the Turks were acting as mediators in good faith …Hamas has been firing rockets for the last 2 years , nothing had changed , so why did Israel find it necessary to attack Israel? Of course they say its to stop the rocket fire (Hamas is still firing rockets)The Israeis could have bombed the tunnels as a respose , or used some sort of anti rocket munition to protect their people , but instead they chose to launch a huge attack , which perhaps was intended to be over in a day or two and give Livny and Barak a lead over Netanyahu in the forth coming elections.I,m sure Egypt , Saudi and Abbas thought the same , they didn,t count on the stubborness of the Hamas fighters and the bravery of the people .
    So the consequence of this “war” is that the Middle East is further away from peace than ever before . Its even more dangerous because Egypt is clamping down hard on any protests and throwing people in prison .
    Of course this mess in the Middle East isn,t black or white.Its a shame the out going president Bush didn,t bother to read history , he seemed to view the world as bad guys or good guys..
    I,m reading blogs of ex Israeli soldiers who hate this war , of course they are a minority , but very brave .But there are people who agree with him

  • 16 Gloria Jara // Jan 17, 2009 at 5.39 am

    I am so ashamed by the cold blood Arabs on the sit of power has disided to aloud to those poor people died for y ou personal ambitions the list of monsters are: Kuwait,South Arabia, Egypt you ugly monsters have kill the babies ,mothers ,boys ,and the male population on

  • 17 riverScrap // Jan 17, 2009 at 2.41 pm

    Apologies for saying Israel offered up 97 per cent of Palestinian territory for a state. The devil is indeed in the detail.

    I won’t apologise for saying Hamas is a key obstacle for peace though.

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