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Ceasefire – this means nothing

January 18th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Israel has taken the bold move of unilaterally declaring a ceasefire. It is the side that wants peace.

How dare this belligerent war-mongering UN resolution-breaking state paint itself in this way. But through an incredibly clever move, that is what it has just done.

Israel has killed 2000 and injured 6000, Hamas has killed 7 people (the rest were killed by trigger-happy Israeli soldiers). But today, Israel is the peacemaker. Forget the fact that it has been in breach of the UN resolution demanding a ceasefire for the past week.

But here is the stunner. Israel is not moving its occupation army in Gaza. The Palestinians have not got anything they want – aid is still being blocked, they are starving, and the wounded can’t leave the territory. Desperate Palestinians will still have to fight to save their lives – and that gives Israel the perfect excuse to fire back and say “ahhhh, look, these terrorists keep shooting even when we declare a ceasefire”.

Hamas is in an impossible situation. The Palestinians are being strangled, and Israel is looking like the peacemaker today.


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  • 1 Nour // Jan 18, 2009 at 4.35 pm

    The criminals first and foremost are the “moderate” Arab states, with Egypt at the top of that list. We know “Israel” is a criminal, terrorist state and that it will always act like one. What it did was completely in line with its character and nature. However the behavior and actions of the “moderate” Arabs is worse in my opinion, as they aided the criminal in committing his crime. We should make it very clear that the leaders of Egypt and Saudi Arabia are criminals and accomplices in the crimes of “Israel.”

  • 2 Jabi // Jan 19, 2009 at 2.44 am

    Hamas has said that it will give Israel a week to withdraw before it resumes firing rockets and fighting the occupation.
    Most people agree with Nour 200% and I would be very interested in seeing what the (economical) Arab Summit will come up with tomorrow and whether or not President Bashar Al Asad will remain at the summit after he hands over (gladly) the presidency of the Arab league to the Kuwaiti Amir.
    last point, Arab states are useless and it would be better for Syria to try and get closer to countries like Turkey that act on principles rather than on who pays more and who can guarantee the ruling “seat” forever.

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