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One state solution buzz

January 19th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

The end of the Gaza massacre has prompted more talk about what the solution to the Israel/Palestine problem will be.

Two weeks ago I wrote about the one state solution, the idea made famous by Edward Said. It caused a lot of debate – even among supporters of Israel who hadn’t heard of the idea.

Three interesting pieces on the one state solution have appeared today:

“The One State Solution” by Elie Elhadj

“Unless the Palestinian-Israelis somehow vanish, Israel’s Jewish population will eventually become the minority and the Palestinian-Israelis the majority; the population growth rate of the Palestinian-Israelis is much greater than that of Israeli Jews. The number of Palestinians in Israel in 1948 was about 150,000. If Israel would allow the future Palestinian-Israeli majority full citizenship rights, they’ll control the government. If Israel subjects the majority to an apartheid regime, the system will eventually unravel. Apartheid regimes have short lives: Witness Rhodesia and South Africa.”

“One State Solution” by Sama Adnan

The one state solution has been gaining credence among intellectuals and the general populations in Israel/Palestine (especially Palestinians) because the two-state solution looks increasingly impossible to implement. Dividing Jerusalem, dismantling Jewish settlements in the West Bank, establishing a Palestinian state bisected by Israel are all insurmountable obstacles to a two-state solution that immediately disappear in a one-state solution. 

“Could there be a one state solution?” by Robert Mackey

So if the two-state solution is indeed doomed, is a single democratic state that would be home to both Palestinians and Israelis a more realistic goal or a total impossibility?


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  • 1 Bystander // Feb 5, 2009 at 3.19 pm

    The one state solution is the only way to go. The only realistic, practical way to end this conflict.

    A single, democratic, multi-ethnic state with full human and civil rights for all citizens.

    If Israeli Jews are clever they would come to realize this is the perfect time to embrace the one state solution, as they have the population ascendency b/w the river and the sea – they would get to put the consitution into place and set the ‘rules’.

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