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It’s time to end Israel’s impunity

January 25th, 2009 · No Comments · Uncategorized

The UN has accused Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza. Pursuing them won’t help the victims, but will help Israelis and Palestinians.

It seems like a revenge mission. Chase Israeli politicians, military leaders and soldiers around the globe waving a pair of handcuffs at them. Some will say it pushes Israel to act in even more extreme ways. When you push an animal into a corner, it bites.

But the truth is this. Israel believes it is above the law. It feels like the world doesn’t understand its pain. And worse – it thinks the UN is anti-Semetic. So it uses America’s UN veto, and ignores legally binding UN Resolutions.

It bombs UN buildings, it uses illegal weapons (cluster bombs in Lebanon, white phosphorus in Gaza), it uses civilians as human shields and targets non-combatants and civilian infrastructure to put political pressure on the militants.

The world expresses its outrage. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon even speaks out IN Jerusalem. But it does nothing.

Now, for the first time, Israel is running scared. It is creating a ‘war-fund’ – cash to be used to defend Israelis charged with war crimes in foreign countries. Tzipi Livni almost cancelled a trip to Brussels after rumours she was going to be arrested there. Israel has banned the publication of names and photos of any solider involved in the Gaza massacre, for fear they may be prosecuted in other countries.

It is this, and only this, which will make Israel think twice before it tramples all over the Geneva Conventions again.

And only then, will they realise, the only acceptable way out of their conflict is through negotiations, and not bombs.


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