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UN challenges Israel live on CNN

January 26th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Media, Politics

The UN school bombing in Gaza. More than 40 Palestinian refugees died as they sheltered from the attacks. What followed was one of the biggest controversies Israel has faced for years.

And this is when it all got explosive. Israel claimed Hamas fighters were firing rockets from within the school. The UN said is was 99.9% sure they weren’t. Israel went on YouTube to say even the Associated Press and New York Times had verified their claims. But the NYT said no, they only had witnesses saying Hamas fighters were in the neighbourhood.

The UNRWA legend Christopher Gunness went on CNN to discuss the issue with Yigal Palmor from the Israeli Foreign Ministry. What follows is the actual moment Gunness forced him to admit Israel had been bending the truth.

It is a beautiful moment. Enjoy. (audio only)

Click HERE.

(It was broadcast a couple of weeks ago, but I have only now been able to upload it, thanks to the technical genius of Mohammed Kayali.)


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  • 1 Sasa // Jan 28, 2009 at 4.38 pm

    Thanks for that, very interesting comment in that article:
    “Israel has a particular responsibility as the occupying power in this context, because of its control of Gaza’s borders with Israel”

    So even the UN’s John Holmes, who blames Hamas for the entire war, considers Israel to still be “occupying” Gaza because of its control of the borders, air space and sea. So much for “we left Gaza”.

  • 2 norman // Jan 29, 2009 at 4.56 am

    Seeking peace with Israel is a waste of time , The so called moderate like Abbas , Egypt, KSA got nothing over the last 8 years of doing everything Israel and the US want from blaming Hamas to blaming Hezbollah , Syria was boycotted and blamed for the assassination of Harreri because it refused to support the American invasion of Iraq ,

    The only way for the Palestinians to get their rights is to fight back , long term war is the only way to defeat israel and with a long war most Israelis will leave for the West , that is how the crusades left , so we should be patient and not compromise and give up our rights,
    we should always know that rights are taken not given,

  • 3 I // Jan 29, 2009 at 10.11 am


    Do you live in the Middle east ?

    Just curious.

  • 4 bro // Feb 1, 2009 at 5.01 pm

    the palestinians must target the israeli jewists zionists thug regime,the international community must stop the jewists zionists thug israeli regime .do those israeli thugs really think they can fool the whole world? I DONT THINK SO.

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