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Palestine – peace without justice

May 15th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Commentary

pal-day-en-smallToday, 15 May 2009, is Blog about Palestine day, marking 61 years since Israeli terrorists ethnically cleansed Palestinians from their homes.

I’m dedicating this post to those who devote their lives to peace and justice in Palestine.

But I want to make a distinction between peace campaigners and those fighting for justice.

Groups like Peace Now just want the fighting to stop. They don’t care too much about the underlying conditions. They are happy to see Gazans remain imprisoned, the massive colonial settlements in the West Bank to stay put, East Jerusalem to remain under military occupation and Palestinians living inside Israel to be treated as fourth-class citizens (after the European/American Jews, the Russian Jews and finally the Arab Jews).

But then there are those who want justice. A true end to the conflict. A withdrawal from land the Israeli Army illegally occupies – in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon. A genuine democracy in Israel, where Palestinian Muslims and Christians are given the same rights as Jews. An end to the illegal blockade of Gaza. And the right for Palestinian refugees to return home.

Until there is justice, the least we can do is keep up the pressure for a massive boycott of Israel’s Apartheid. It worked against Apartheid South Africa, and it will work against Apartheid Israel.

Don’t buy Israeli products, call for your country to close their embassy in Tel Aviv, and demand sanctions on Israel now.


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  • 1 Maysaloon // May 15, 2009 at 4.42 pm

    That is an important distinction to make. The emotion that those peace groups always try to foist onto people is one of exhaustion – as if they wish to tire people into accepting the status quo.

  • 2 samia lamine // May 16, 2009 at 10.17 am

    Assalaam alaykom.

    It ‘s important to wish peace but more what we need is justice.
    To reach peace and justice , we must continue resistance by all ways. But the problem is that the moderate arabe have give up to the sionists conditions.
    Resistance won’t surrender ! (SORRY for the bad english.)

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