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Shimon Peres and the great peace lie

May 17th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Politics

picture-19Shimon Peres, the “man of peace” who supports genocide, is calling on Syria to open direct talks with Israel.

This comes two days after his Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu said he would never withdraw from the Golan, while other members of his fascist cabinet reject any talks with Syria. Ever.

On the other hand, Syria has said again that it wants more peace talks.

So what is Peres playing at? He also accuses Bashar of being “shy”, and advises him to go for direct talks.

All of last year, during the indirect talks, Syria demanded face-to-face discussions. Israel said no, no, no.

Peres is playing a dirty game – making it look like Syria doesn’t want talks, and making it look like Syria wants to do things behind closed doors. In reality, it is Israel which is shy.

Maybe Peres should call on his own Prime Minister – not Bashar – to restart peace talks.


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  • 1 norman // May 18, 2009 at 4.50 am

    If Israel wants peace it should not be shy , just it should declare that it will submit to international law and leave the Arab land taken in 1967 and give the Palestinians in Israel equal rights and the rest of the Palestinians their self determination , declare it’s intention to leave the Golan in a peace agreement and it’s intention not to interfere in Arab politics , then and only then Syria should go direct negotiation on how to implement these promises for a comprehensive peace , anything less than that is just a way for Israel to divide and conquer.and Syria should be preparing in the mean time for the next war , as from history we can be sure that Israel will not leave an Arab land without force.

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