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Seven Jewish Children

May 21st, 2009 · No Comments · Politics

Brainwashing the children of Israel. Caryl Churchill’s play was performed in London during the Gaza War. “Tell her [the Gazans are] animals living in rubble now.” 

This provoked a furious outcry from other members of the Jewish community, who created a response called Seven Other Children. The pro-Israel attack dog Melanie Phillips makes the scandalous accusation that the play invokes the”blood-libel”. People who have bothered to watch it say it clearly is not anti-Semitic.

She is talking about the 1948 ethnic cleansing:

“Tell her for miles and miles all round they have lands of their own.

Tell her again this is our promised land. 

Don’t tell her they said it was a land without people.

Don’t tell her I wouldn’t have come if I’d known.

And then the settlements:

“Don’t tell her the trouble about the swimming pool,

Tell her it’s our water, we have the right,

Tell her it’s not the water for their fields,

Don’t tell her anything about water. 

Don’t tell her about the bulldozer,

Don’t tell her not to look at the bulldozer,

Don’t tell her it was knocking the house down,

Tell her it’s a building site “

And then the war on Gaza:

“Don’t tell her about the family of dead girls,

Tell her you can’t believe what you see on television,

Tell her we killed the babies by mistake,

Tell her she’s got nothing to be ashamed of.

Tell her they did it to themselves.

Tell her they want their children killed to make people sorry for them, 

Tell her I’m not sorry for them,

Tell her not to be sorry for them, 

Tell her we won’t stop killing them till we’re safe,

Tell her I laughed when I saw the dead policemen,

Tell her they’re animals living in rubble now,

Tell her I wouldn’t care if we wiped them out, 

Tell her I look at one of their children covered in blood and what do I feel?

Tell her all I feel is happy it’s not her.”

It is performed by Jennie Stoller, written by Caryl Churchill. You can read the full script here.


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