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The Israeli spy ring – the Hariri connection

May 23rd, 2009 · 1 Comment · Lebanon

Hizbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah says some of the Israeli spies caught in Lebanon have admitted being responsible for the assassinations.

Since 2004 Lebanon has been rocked by a series of political killings – mostly car bombs. The most serious, of course, was the murder of former Prime Minister Rafiq Al-Hariri in February 2005.

Anyone convicted of spying faces life in jail. Anyone convicted of spying which resulted in the death of a Lebanese citizen faces the death sentence. So it is no wonder that a relative of one of these spies has gone on TV to deny any connection with the assassinations.

But which TV station was happy to broadcast this denial? Future News – the media arm of the Hariri family. Why?

The March 14 political project is built on the belief that Syria killed Hariri. After the release – without charge – of the four pro-Syrian generals accused of killing Hariri, the Syria link was already beginning to look tenuous.

But if Israel is implicated, it blows the entire March 14 political project out of the water.

Not great when you think that March 14 will be fighting for its political life, in elections due in two weeks.


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  • 1 Omar // Apr 23, 2010 at 10.27 am

    If this is true, I’m not surprised. What benefits would Syria have if it were responsible? Only Israel and the US would set normal countries like Lebanon and Iraq on fire, especially when George W. Bush was in charge in the day. Besides, the whole of March 14 is a joke. Too bad my uncle-in-law forced me to vote for them, when I wanted to submit the “White Paper”!

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