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Syrian mobile phone users go on strike

May 31st, 2009 · 4 Comments · Business

picture-111picture-22Customers of the two mobile phone networks are going on strike tomorrow, in protest at the high price of calls.

6SP (12 US cents) per minute on prepay may not seem like a lot (4SP on postpaid) – compare it to the UK’s 30 US cents per minute. But when you factor in the average wage and shopping costs, Syria is relatively more expensive.

Users are passing messages around, calling for a mobile phone strike, tomorrow, 1 June, in the hope that Syriatel and MTN will lower their prices.


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  • 1 Umniya // May 31, 2009 at 6.11 pm

    I call Syrians abroad to join the strike.
    do not call or answer phones from cell numbers .
    do not sms or reply text msg Syira tomorrow.

    i know that nothing is gonna change, but it’s good to see this kind of protest has found its way to the syrian youths as a tool to make their voice heard safely and publicly.

    “???? ” is a new vocab which has entered the syrian society.
    most weclome.

  • 2 yaser // May 31, 2009 at 6.46 pm

    thank you for posting this , but I don’t get why you had to include the logos of the two companies , this is a call to boycott not to promote them.
    I disagree with you on your first point, I think this campaign can potentially have far-reaching consquences , particularly if (rightly as you noted) the movement of civil protest continued and spread.

  • 3 Umniya // May 31, 2009 at 7.06 pm

    I’m being realistic yaser, only one thing can make these two companies lower their fees : a thrid company to enter syria with different prices.
    but as long as they are the only companies hloding the ropes in the syrian cell phone markets, nothing will change.

    nevertheless ,this kind of boycotting will cost them their reputation among the other companies in the area, don’t forget that we are entering the holiday months.

    it will publically tell them ,that you suck.

    but do i excpect any lower prices to come out after this boycotting? not at all.
    sasa : if u like there is pic here, if u want to add instead of this

  • 4 Syrian // Jun 2, 2009 at 12.07 pm

    I do not really think the prices will change from 2000 people boycotting the uses of mobile phones.

    But can you imagine this? a precedent? oh yes, if the word really got out (which it did not) and thousands joined in. Something might change. If not the prices, for once monopolistic organizations will have to worry about what the public thinks.

    I say, for who ever arranged this to have better coverage, a dedicated website, and repeat for how ever long it takes for him/her to be dragged to prison.

    I know. Sad but true.

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