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Nasrallah speech – full text

June 8th, 2009 · No Comments · BREAKING NEWS

These are the live updates I posted to Twitter. It is in reverse order (so the start of the speech is at the bottom of the page). A full analysis of the speech follows soon.

#nasrallahspeech we are in a new era, must deal with results

#nasrallahspeech i call on March 14 to be clear with each other to build,develop,protect our country together

#nasrallahspeech March 14 hasn’t spoken about their agenda, how will they act

#nasrallahspeech still a chance to establish a strong Lebanese state, regardless of the result

#nasrallahspeech when we discuss weapons of Resistance (which we should),we should discuss will of the people

#nasrallahspeech some districts were like a referendum on the weapons of the Resistance – no-one forced anyone to vote a certain way

#nasrallahspeech racist rhetoric of March 14, why do they accuse us of only representing Shia – lie. Every Leb has duty to vote.

#nasrallahspeech we called for high turnout in south Leb&Baalbek,we got it!Even though not much competition for Hizbollah.Shows support

#nasrallahspeech we just wanted to win elections to reform political system-Hizb+Aoun were subject to war frm whole world,M14 suppted that

#nasrallahspeech opposition has been calling for elections since 2006 – if we had these elections earlier we would’ve saved a lot of trouble

#nasrallahspeech the weapons of Resistance re not to bring people to power in Lebanon, just to protect the country

#nasrallahspeech March 14 wouldn’t have accepted the result if THEY had lost, they would’ve said we threatened voters

#nasrallahspeech most March 14 leaders said we couldn’t have free/fair elections when Resistance still has weapons – another lie

#nasrallahspeech most March 14 leaders said Hizbollah wouldn’t accept results of election if we lost – that was shown to be a lie

#nasrallahspeech we accept that March 14 gained the majority of seats, in spite of some ppl paying for votes, sectarian incitement

#nasrallahspeech congratulations everyone who achieved victory,including March 14,theyre responsible for representing ppl&protecting country

#nasrallahspeech thanking authorities for organising the elections so well


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