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Tough new laws for drivers

July 18th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Travel

Syria has a terrible history of road accidents (like this and this). Now it looks like the crackdown has finally begun.

Speeding is one of the biggest causes of crashes, so speed cameras have been installed on highways in Aleppo and now Damascus too.

It follows the enforcement of the seatbelt laws – drivers and passengers routinely wear them now, fearful of the 2000L fine (although some have come up with inventive ways of getting round the law!).


New green Chinese buses have appeared on the roads in the past couple of years, with (relatively) modern safety features – and they are less environmentally harmful than the white Russian beasts they are replacing.

And what about this. Seleucid has taken this picture of road spikes in Aleppo. They puncture the tyres of any car driving the wrong way down a one-way road.

Picture 1

One major problem remains, though. Drink-driving. It is all too common for a group of friends to go out, get drunk, and get straight back into the car. It has taken decades to make this disgusting habit taboo in the West – it will probably take just as long in Syria.


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  • 1 Arima // Jul 18, 2009 at 4.00 pm

    Wow! This looks so modern and clean….wish they even entretained the idea of introducing this to Egypt

  • 2 Findalaawi // Jul 20, 2009 at 5.57 pm

    Just returned from Sham yesterday – the talk of the taxi drivers everywhere was about the cameras popping up everywhere and surreptitiously photographing violators. Rumours were flying that the authorities gave out over 4000 citations in 1 week with the hefty fine. It was definitely unreal to see all of traffic on the Damascus autostrades moving uniformly slow at 45km/hr!

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