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Switzerland’s legalised racism

December 1st, 2009 · 9 Comments · Politics

Congratulations Switzerland. You join an elite club, comprised of apartheid-era South Africa, and present day Israel.

While the ban on minarets pales in comparison to the discrimination suffered by the native populations of Palestine and South Africa, make no mistake, this is racism.

Will church spires be banned? Or perhaps idols on temples? No, this is a dig at Muslims, the easy target.

Much has been made of France, where women are not free to choose what they wear – but that is a very different case. Although the law may have been dreamt up to ban the burqa, it affects all religious symbols, and is consistent with France’s obsessive secular nature. And don’t forget, many Muslim countries have similar restrictions on the hijab or burqa (Tunisia and Turkey come to mind).

No, what Switzerland has done is in a league of its own. Neutral, fair-playing Switzerland has banned a few bricks because Muslims happen to pray in the building beneath those bricks.

And the thing that makes me most upset is that this wasn’t a radical right-wing government which passed the law, despite howls of protest. It was a majority vote in a referendum of the Swiss people. Shame on this thuggish majority targeting a tiny minority.

It really is open season on Muslims.


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  • 1 Ali // Dec 1, 2009 at 11.56 pm

    Where was your voice when the dictator’s uncle sent his girls in the streets of Damascus pulling the cover from girls’ heads and from elderly heads? Your government which is still in the hand of the same family, never yet issued an apology even after 40 years from the incident. You have the got to talk about people who choose something through their democratic institution and it is not implemented yet and the government did approve yet. When your authoritarian government gave a permit to open restaurant serving alcohol near the Omaya Big Mosque, you never opened a mouth, stop hypocrisy and clean your home before asking other to clean house, and will you please define racism.

  • 2 Samir // Dec 2, 2009 at 12.13 am

    I can understand why every Muslim should feel very upset about the Swiss decision to ban Minarets. I am a Christian Arab and feel just as upset when all the Gulf States and Libya ban the construction of churches in their countries. I don’t see these countries as being racist against Christians. Clearly, they fear the spread of Christianity in their own countries and a different culture that might undermine their own. The Swiss people feel the same. It is not double standards and has nothing to do with democracy and free speech. There are hundreds of mosques in Europe, how many churches are left in the Arab world? I think every Muslim should ask himself if his country is being fair and welcoming to other religions before accusing the world of racism.

  • 3 Samir // Dec 2, 2009 at 12.19 am

    Follow up comment:

    I exclude Syria, Lebanon and Jordan from my previous comment on Arab countries because their governments and their people have always been more fair, open and tolerant of other religions and cultures than the rest of the Arab world.

  • 4 Sasa // Dec 2, 2009 at 1.14 am

    Ali – where was my voice? Well, I wasn’t born then. And can you show me one statement I’ve made in support of Rifaat. I am his biggest critic.

    Samir – Idiot Gulf Arabs who hate Christians (and in fact hate Muslims who disagree with their narrow view of the world) are just as racist, I completely agree with you. And moreover, Christianity is not a foreign culture – Christianity was born in the Arab World. Christian Arabs are just as Arab as Muslim Arabs (more so in fact, because so few Muslim Arabs define themselves by their Arabism anymore).

    And it’s not just the Gulf – look at what Egypt is doing to its Christians. Egypt of all countries! Egypt, which has more Christians than any other Arab country.

  • 5 Ali // Dec 2, 2009 at 4.11 am

    I think you learned your lesson very well, when it come to outside world you have big voice when it comes to your own backyard and your Arab states, you have no voice even if it comes to killing ( remember Sudan Darfur, or Iraq Halabja, or the Kurds living in your mist).

  • 6 abdobouabdo // Dec 2, 2009 at 7.58 am

    Maybe time has come for all of us arab muslims to return home. We clearly don’t like the western world, so why do we stay and live there ? who needs them ? to each his own my friend, it is their country, they can do whatever they want with it , if you don’t like it , tough !

  • 7 European Arab (and proud of it) // Dec 3, 2009 at 12.13 pm

    Nice one.
    Nex step: ban all the faiths, including christian, judaism, budism or whatever.
    Switzerland is just one step before the rest of the world.

    I hope one day you all will be free from religion. It will be a much nice world for all of us.
    After 1,5 million years of evolution we still believe in no-sense bullshits.

  • 8 CD // Dec 6, 2009 at 1.40 am

    Follow up comment:

    I exclude Syria, Lebanon and Jordan from my previous comment on Arab countries because their governments and their people have always been more fair, open and tolerant of other religions and cultures than the rest of the Arab world.

  • 9 BK // Apr 19, 2011 at 7.36 pm

    Racism is horrible, but seems to be permissible in middle eastern socirty more than anywhere. Sudanese refugees seeking refuge in Egypt are attacked by the populace and sometimes killed and are arrested and tortured by the police,. Christians in Egypt and in most mid east countries live in fear . I have travelled during my student days and have been also to Israel and Switzerland and found it to be a pretty open non racist. Blacks are considered slaVin mideast countries. Hindu or Christians would not be safe wearing a religous artifact in most Arab countries. Iraquis are discriinated against in Syria and elsewhere. You talk racism…women accused of adultery or who are raped get stoned to death in Iran and elsewhere. The Armenians were slaughtered in Turkey. Jews were slaughtered in Egypy< Iraq, Syria etc. Palistineans hav very few rights in most Arab countries.The Kurds in Iraq and Iran. How can we describe theisgenocide racist treatment….The Bahais were pretty much wiped out due to intolerence in Iran and slavery still exists in the Sahara and forced conversions to Islam still exist in Nigeria. Why are adulterers, gays, blasphemers still sentenced to torture and execution in Iran, Syria etc?

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