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Baladna English first edition review

December 12th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Media

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The first edition of the new English-language daily, Baladna, is now available online.

Its cover story is the long-awaited plan to ban cars from the Old City. The full-colour paper, which has a cover price of 25L, seems to be targetting younger readers: stories on changes to military service, new housing for young people, environment and development issues (a think-piece on the plastic bag, and the harm it does to Syria) feature towards the front of the paper.

It also covers regional news, in a clear challenge to the Daily Star and the National’s status as the Arab World’s must-reads. On the cover, there is a throw-forward to EU condemnation of Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem. The Nile ferry crash and the Lebanese government support for Hizbollah’s resistance also make it on to page 4.

The strong offering also has an opinion piece on the Dubai financial crisis: “A towering symbol of the era of excess”.

Further back, we move on to international news: the Russian nightclub explosion and the Amanda Knox trial take up this page.

And then an interesting double page which puts Tony Blair and George Bush on trial over the Iraq war. Large boxes outlining the charges, a small defence, and then the verdict. I’m sure you can imagine the outcome.

Then we’re on to the four business pages, which includes the latest exchange rates and, somewhat symbolically, the day’s trading on the Damascus Stock Exchange.

And that’s just the first half of the paper.

Baladna English follows the lead of Syria Today and Forward magazines, which moved away from the media’s traditional role as mouthpiece for officialdom – to covering the stories that people are talking about. Baladna English doesn’t feature a single “so and so received an official telegram from so and so”.

The first edition was published last Sunday, 6 December (not 9 December, as originally posted on this site and in the Guardian).

You can read any of the first week’s editions here or claim a free three-month subscription if you live in Syria, here.


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  • 2 isam atasi // May 15, 2011 at 4.04 pm

    Is no stranger to lie to this criminal regime that is not ashamed of himself and of his actions cowardly and shameful in the right of the Syrian people patient and oppressed for more than forty years under the weight of the rule of Policy intelligence terrorist criminal lawful blood of the Syrians and violated the sanctity of their homes and their honor in most cities and villages Syria is still under heard of the free world at large and his eyesight, which made his mark and do not move a finger participant for this system fascist all of his crimes against the Syrian people who are facing the most brutal campaigns of murder, torture, kidnapping and detention of his children and his wives and his men and the elderly because of their claim to live in dignity and freedom to their homeland in Palestine Syria that this world and the head of America and in support of this repressive regime and encourages him to commit more crimes and practices are inhuman not to be driven hard against the totalitarian regime, which has ruled Syria with iron and fire and horror is the way abused by the Gaddafi regime, We want more of the procedures that isolate the system, and drops it to return because this fascist Baathist regime became an enemy of the Syrian people, after all these atrocities and crimes that will never forget as long as the Syrian people and as long as Syria

  • 3 isam atasi // May 18, 2011 at 10.38 am

    latest news bashar assad is wanted by un court!!!!!!!!

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