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New American ambassador to Damascus named?

December 15th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Politics

Two separate sources claim to know the name of the new American ambassador to Damascus. Well, they’ve got it down to two names, at least.

The long-awaited move would be the formal end of America’s isolation of Syria, which started when Bush recalled their ambassador two days after Rafiq Hariri was killed.

FW Magazine claims a scoop, with this information: the next American ambassador will either be Jacob Walles or Nabil Khury. Walles used to be the US consul-general in Occupied Jerusalem. Khury is an American of Lebanese descent.

FW cites diplomatic sources in Damascus and Washington. And backing up their claims is this post by Syria expert Josh Landis, who has mentioned the same two names.

Is something about to happen? Finally.


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  • 1 maysaloon // Dec 15, 2009 at 3.21 am

    I almost laughed at FW having a “scoop”. That the name has been “leaked” to them. Somebody please tell them they aren’t the New York Times or the FT and that they aren’t in Kansas anymore!

  • 2 abdobouabdo // Dec 15, 2009 at 7.24 pm

    is it necessary ? life is easier without’em

  • 3 isam atasi // May 19, 2011 at 10.05 am

    Can the regime of Bashar al-Assad to continue and to a number of reasons, which is that this system is illegal and came through a military coup, not the election of the people, the system rule of the Syrian people with iron and fire and torture and terror security since its inception and to this day, this system deepens, the corruption in various areas causing major disasters on the Syrian people can not be mentioned, the system specialized in lying and fabrication of events since its inception, starting from the front falsehood and deception, called the front stand and addressed and the objection and the right front is submission and receipt of strikes Israel successive without moving the residents and keeping Israel’s security in the occupied Golan, and ending operations of lies and deceit and deception, as in a shield the beginning of events when fabricating the existence of extremist groups and weapons and money in the Mosque of Omar, the presence of Salafi groups and infiltrators, and criminal gangs terrorize the Syrian citizens in the rest of the cities and villages of Syria and What is this Avtroh of lies and disinformation were not only the gang’s security system, the Syrian Baathist led by Maher al-Assad and committed all the massacres and inhuman practices against the Syrian people in their cities and villages and still to this moment, so on this system to leave immediately for the rule of Syria’s land and people and there is no room for any negotiation or reform that system simply because it is based on hostility to all reform, and its motto of corruption and oppression and intimidation only.

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