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Another Israeli advert banned in Britain

April 14th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Travel

Another Israeli land-grab advert has been banned by authorities in the UK.

The poster claims East Jerusalem is part of Israel – something which the UN, the UK and even the US rejects. East Jerusalem is part of the occupied Palestinian West Bank.

Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority said that “The status of the occupied territory of the West Bank [is] the subject of much international dispute, and because we considered that the ad implied that the part of East Jerusalem featured in the image was part of the state of Israel, we concluded that the ad was likely to mislead.”

The Israeli tourist board was ordered not to imply that Palestinian land was in Israel again. But Israel has a track record at this type of thing. A year ago it tried to pass off the Syrian Golan Heights as part of Israel in posters on the London Underground.


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  • 1 Victor // Apr 18, 2010 at 2.21 pm

    There’s no need to “try” anything. Everyone knows the Temple Mount and the Wall and all of Jerusalem are synonymous with Jews. Jews were there before the Arabs invaded our land, and they will be there long after Arabs leave.

  • 2 norman // Apr 19, 2010 at 2.49 am

    Victor ,
    for your information ,

    Islam came in the seventh century while Arabs and semitic people were there many years earlier , The Palestinians that you consider as foreigners are probably Hebrews who became Christians when Jesus came and Muslims when Islam came , that should not make them lose their rights , as id on not think that you think that you should lose your right to your home if you or your children change their religion ,

  • 3 Victor // Apr 19, 2010 at 5.23 am

    id on not think that you think that you should lose your right to your home if you or your children change their religion

    Certainly not. What Jew is endorsing such a thing? I’m in touch with the most “radical”, “extreme” Jewish communities in Yesha, and I don’t know a single person there that wants to remove their Arab neighbors by force. They’re also not blind that the Arabs are quite willing to do this to the Jews, and will do so at the earliest opportunity.

    The point of it this blog post is not to engage in a dialogue of origins. Genetic testing proves that European Ashkenazi Jews are closer to Palestinians than Palestinians are to any other Arab people. That’s right, we “khazars” are closer genetically to fellahin than they are to Bedouins or Iraqis or Syrians.

    No, the author is challenging the Jewish claim to the Temple Mount itself, just as generations of Palestinian leaders have denied any Jewish connection to the land on the one hand, while remind us that they are descended from the Jews on the other hand (as you’re doing now).

    Whoever thought that the Temple Mount is up for negotiations is sadly mistaken. This is Jewish land. That the Jews have ruled graciously and mercifully, and have allowed the Muslim waqf to maintain the courtyard for the benefit of Muslim worshipers is a state of affairs that can be reversed if the Arabs continue to wage war against us.

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