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Listening to Syrians

March 6th, 2011 · 7 Comments · Politics

I’ve learned a lot in the past few weeks. Most of what I knew about the Arab World has been turned on its head.

I didn’t think a largely peaceful uprising could overthrow a dictator. And I certainly didn’t think it could happen twice. In three weeks.

But too many people seem to using these incredible events to justify their own agendas. I did too. I hoped very loudly that Jordan’s King Abdullah would be next to fall. Until I listened to Jordanians, who – from what I am hearing – want reform not regime change. True, I’m listening to a very select crowd of (probably) West Ammanis, but still, it’s their country, their desires and their future.

Sure, it’s important to support the people when they rise up – but don’t pre-empt them, and certainly don’t tell them what they should do, or what they should want.

So it upsets me when outsiders cheer for the Syrian regime’s demise, without a thought to what Syrians are saying. Talk to Syrians, ask what their concerns are, then make your mind up. You might be surprised. I’m not saying Bashar is as popular as Abdullah, but it’s certainly not black and white. You could do worse than having a look here (click on Syria – and use Google Translate if you don’t speak Spanish).

To be fair, the press has been very cautious on Syria. Maybe it’s time the rest of us were, too.


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  • 1 Malik Al-Abdeh // Mar 11, 2011 at 9.53 pm

    I think the ball is firmly in Bashar Al-Assad’s court. Either he implements the painful (for him) but neccessary political reforms within a reasonable time frame (months, not years), or he will have to face the music. Syrians cannot continue to wait endlessly for change when they can see change happening everywhere else.:

  • 2 Syria Almighty // Mar 12, 2011 at 4.18 am

    Malik, you truly are an ill-informed individual. Reforms are not ‘painful’ for the president, and it is ludicrous to even believe such nonsense. That being said, ‘sweeping reforms’ cannot come in mere months. This is the stuff of fairy tales. The country has no money, and has decades of sanctions and embargoes placed upon it; that is the doing of other countries, not Syria. To do what you ask, Syria would have to sell its soul and dignity, and become a pawn of the US and Israel, not that you would be opposed to such shameful humiliation I’m sure. The reason why these riots exist is because of the Israel-loving, Arab-hating despots that have been ruling all the nations from Tunisia to Lebanon. Syria, too, has a poor economic standing, but this is beyond Syria’s control; Syria is not embargoing itself, after all. The other countries had their chances, but blew it, because not only did they serve American and Israeli interests over the interests of the Arab people, but they also horded all the wealth of their countries into their own pockets. Syria has no money, but at least it has its dignity, and that is something no self-respecting Syrian would sell for any type of reform, other then fake Syrians such as yourself, and all the other clowns who live outside Syria and pretend to speak for the people living inside Syria. People like you are a stain on our nation. Slowly but surely, reforms will be coming. They have been coming for the last 10 years, and they will continue to come at a pace most appropriate. Hopefully, to spite slime people like you, the kind of reforms you would like to see wont happen until you are all long gone. I hope you never see Syria, for every step you walk in it is to spit on our country.

  • 3 Ralph // Mar 19, 2011 at 4.21 pm

    Listen to your people!!! The only “ill-informed” are YOU petits bourgeois!
    Free Syria! Free Syria!

  • 4 Syria Almighty // Mar 19, 2011 at 8.01 pm

    A handful of irrelevant rodents from the Muslim Brotherhood and the Kurds are neither ‘my people’ nor the people of Syria. You can’t ignore the fact that most of the people in Syria support the president, yet you want to ignore them. You know, if we were to listen to the people of Syria, what you would actually be hearing is them calling for the obliteration of you Muslim Brotherhood terrorists–Again. Yes, let us listen to the people of Syria, and free the country from people like you :)

  • 5 Malik Al-Abdeh // Mar 20, 2011 at 4.07 am

    From ‘irrelevant rodent’ to Ralph: Can I use the “petits bourgeois” in my next blog post? Its fantastic. You hit the nail on the head. That’s exactly what these people are like. Very petty, and very bourgeois. How sad.

  • 6 Syria Almighty // Mar 20, 2011 at 10.07 am

    Malik al-Coward, you spit on all Syrians when you insult those who support the president. Further evidence that you are not Syrian. Coward. Even in Canada, protests are violently stamped out. Just look at the protest for the G20 summit last year, and how the entire police force beat and arrested scores of people. Last week, there was protest against police brutality, and then the police brutally beat and arrested these protesters.

  • 7 Ralph // Mar 20, 2011 at 8.15 pm

    Hey Malik, copyright for “petit bourgeois” gracely given :-)
    I’ve been trying to show the real color of whoever is running this blog, do you know the name of the Syrian Minister of Torture? I have a feeling it’s his son who posts under Syria Almighty and other nicknames. Unfortunately (and very fortunately for them) they kept blocking my comments exactly like Bashar taught them.
    So please, be my guest Malik

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