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Syria update – Wednesday

March 23rd, 2011 · 5 Comments · Politics

At least six people have been killed overnight at the Omari Mosque in Daraa.

It is the second deadly flare-up of violence in the southern city. Last Friday five people died there.

Since then there have been daily protests, all ending peacefully. Tuesday was the quietest day yet. Locals went into the Omari Mosque and some set up tents outside. They vowed not to leave until their demands were met. According to the Economist, these included the end of the emergency law, the closure of the local security office, as well as the removal of some local officials.

Reports suggest that just after midnight the power was cut, and phone and internet connections became sporadic.

One of the dead was a doctor who rushed in to the mosque to help. The government says no security force was permitted to use live fire. They say armed gangs infiltrated the protestors.

Two important reads. First, Jim Muir on the BBC:

Setting the country alight?

Thanks to heavy-handed official over-reaction to minor local incidents, Deraa suddenly produced the kind of burning popular outrage that has spread like forest fires in other countries. …

Deraa and other nearby towns such as Jassem and Inkhil – where related protests are reported to have been mounted – are largely Sunni and heavily tribal.

That means that if the grievances remain inflamed, they could spread, take hold and be very hard indeed to stamp out.

But it also means that if the government succeeds in winning over the tribal leaders and elders, the situation could be contained. …

The slogan that proved the death-knell of the Mubarak and Ben Ali regimes in Egypt and Tunisia, and which is now haunting the leaders of Libya and Yemen, was: “The people want the overthrow of the regime.”

So far, even the protesters in Deraa have confined themselves to near-rhyming modifications, such as: “The people want the overthrow of corruption”, or “The people want reform of the regime”.

And secondly, Maysaloon has written an incredibly thoughtful post explaining the background behind the Daraa trouble.

No politics please, we’re Syrian

In Qamishli, to the North-East of the country, there has always been unrest amongst the Kurdish population living there. Recently, however, there have been protests in the Syrian coastal city of Baniyas as well as in Damascus and in Der’a, a town in the South near the border with Jordan. The motives for each of these events have been different and the groups themselves are disorganised and lack unity. In Der’aa the arrest of some school children who had written revolutionary slogans, slogans that they had been hearing on al Jazeera these past few months, on the walls led to widespread protests. This, in turn, provoked a clumsy and violent crackdown in which at least half a dozen people have already been killed.

In Baniyas the situation is more convoluted and has a more Sunni Muslim flavour to it. The grievances were, amongst other things, the closure of mixed-sex schools and, it is rumoured, the abolition of electricity bills. It is claimed that the centre of the unrest is a client family who had benefitted under the patronage of Abdul Halim Khaddam, a former vice president of Syria and a persona non gratanow in exile in Paris or London. In Damascus, a small protest centred around the Ummayad Mosque was much more mercantile, and revolved around demands for greater freedoms and less corruption.

I have set up a new Twitter feed of must-read updates from Syria.


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  • 1 Syria Almighty // Mar 23, 2011 at 6.20 pm

    Syrian security did not kill anyone. The doctor was killed by terrorists in Daraa, along with an ambulance driver and a police officer. These are not peaceful protesters. Peaceful protesters do not attack hospitals and doctors, nor do they carry guns and rifles, grenades and other explosives. They also don’t use kidnapped children as human shields:

  • 2 Syria Almighty // Mar 25, 2011 at 10.42 am

    Wow. Demonstrations have been happening all over Syria in support of the president. I don’t know what the exact numbers are, but I believe that they are in the hundreds of thousands. Tartous alone had a turnout of over 50,000 people.

  • 3 Syria Almighty // Mar 26, 2011 at 7.11 am

    For the second straight day, many hundreds of thousands of Syrians demonstrated all over Syria in support of the president. The Western media, for its part, lies and makes up stories.

  • 4 Syria Almighty // Mar 27, 2011 at 9.01 am

    It has been confirmed that many of the protesters and agitators in Syria do in fact come from surrounding countries. A number of Lebanese and Jordanians have been arrested, as well as some Americans.

    The pro-government demonstrations are ongoing, with hundreds of thousands of people across the entire country, in all Syrian cities, showing up to support their president. The Interior minister has expressed thanks to all of these demonstrators, but urged them to go home and stop protesting. The Syrian security forces and the army need to deal with an infestation of extremists that have appeared in Syria. Residents of Syrian cities and towns say that they do not recognize many of the people in the anti-government protests, and are saying that they are even speaking Arabic in different dialects.

    It has been a known fact since the beginning that these protesters are armed terrorist militias. Lattakia has been the scene of very sinister actions by the so-called protesters. They are occupying rooftops and are sniping random people to sow sedition in the country. Many of the ‘protesters’ have also stormed a police station and stole weapons and uniforms, are are joining the pro-government crowds, and then firing at them. This has prompted the government to send out urgent warnings to anyone demonstrating to be careful, and to be on the lookout for these individuals. Many of them have been arrested.

    In other areas in Syria, there have been foreign agitators trying to sow discord and sedition. Groups of people are going to Alawite-dominated areas screaming “The Sunnis are coming for you!!” while other groups of people are going to Sunni areas and shouting “The Alawites are coming for you!!” in an attempt to create hatred and distrust, and to thrust the country into civil war. So far, these attempts have failed.

    Foreign extremist clerics are fanning the flames of unrest by inciting sedition and hatred. One such cleric comes from Qatar. A Syrian mufti, another extremist, is also doing the same. After the government called the bluff of the protesters and said that they would meet their demands, they changed their demands, and now consist of such things as calling for the destruction of all Shi’ite mosques, and banning mixed-gendered schools, saying that they will not stop until these demands have been met. This only proves that the protesters have no intention of bettering the country, but instead seek to destabilize it. It has been revealed that certain diplomats and politicians from countries like Lebanon and the US, have been trying to create this sectarian problem in Syria for quite some time. These reports coincide with reports revealed weeks before the protests that Saad al-Hariri was organizing militias and groups inside Syria to destabilize the country, obviously for revenge for his own government falling recently, which he blamed on Syria and Hezbollah. Coincidentally, many of the protesters are chanting anti-Hezbollah slogans for no reason other then that it proves that they are from Lebanon.

    Last month, there were calls for protests in Syria, but not a single person showed up on any of the dates. Then one week before the current protests started, a massive weapons shipment from Iraq was intercepted by Syrian border guards, and the driver of the truck said that he was paid to bring these weapons to a man in Syria. There is no doubt that these weapons came from US handlers in Iraq.

    These protesters are neither civilian, nor are they unarmed. There are reports from hospitals in Syria that hundreds of the injured that are showing up are people belonging to the police, and have bullet wounds and wounds from other weapons. The police, on their part, were ordered not to carry weapons, and so they had no way to fight back against these terrorists. There is no conceivable way that these protesters are peaceful and unarmed. They are attacking hospitals, ambulances, shops and businesses, and are torching buildings and shooting at and killing policemen and pro-government demonstrators. The peaceful nature of these protesters are elaborate lies. Not even in Egypt did any of this happen.

    Unsurprisingly, the Western media is not covering these events fairly. They are reporting on a few thousand violent protesters in some Syrian cities, while completely ignoring the hundreds of thousands of pro-government demonstrations taking place across the country. Every single news article on the Internet pertaining to Syria is a copy&paste job from one source of misleading information, and they all start with “Syrian security fires into groups of thousands of peaceful protesters,” or some variation of this statement, despite the fact that only a few dozen people, who are terrorists, have been killed nation-wide. The Western media is telling half truths, while ignoring other information altogether, and they are exaggerating the scope of this issue. On my part, I sent CBC a strongly-worded message pertaining to their shameful and dishonest coverage of their story a few days ago, complete with videos of pro-government demonstrations. They have not replied back.

    What we are witnessing in Syria is not a Syrian revolution, but an attempted foreign coup under a religious disguise. However, this will not work, and will result in another failure for the West in their attempts to bring down Syria.

    I have a message to any Syrians living inside Syria. The government appreciates your support in the form of demonstrations more then you know, but you need to stop, go home and lock your doors. They know that all Syrians support the government. However, the government needs to disinfect our country from the foreign extremist elements creating violence in our country, and they are reluctant to do so when you are between them and the enemy. Give the government, the army and the police force every single advantage possible, and empty the streets so that they can take on the terrorists without their hands tied behind their backs. You will be able to demonstrate your support for the government at a later date. If you want to help, go online and show your dissatisfaction with the way the media is portraying the situation. If you can flood the Internet with your messages, maybe people will begin to realize the truth. We are also going to need thousands of body bags so we can send these terrorists back to their countries.

  • 5 // Jan 11, 2013 at 11.56 pm

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    Wednesday | Syria News Wire”. I may be returning to your website soon
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