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Syria update – Monday

March 29th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Politics

As the protests spread from Daraa, in the south, to Lattakia, in the north, here is what’s been happening.

Farouq Al-Sharaa, himself from Daraa, has gone on TV to say that President Bashar Al-Assad will soon make an announcement that will please the Syrian people. Separately, a government spokesperson has revealed that the hated emergency law will be lifted. It is understood that Bashar will appear on TV on Tuesday to announce the end of the emergency law with immediate effect.

The demonstrations are still only occurring in consistently large numbers in Daraa and Lattakia. In Daraa, activists claim Hizbollah and Iranian fighters are acting as snipers, a claim that has been roundly decried as sectarian talk. In Lattakia, residents report Palestinian gunmen firing indiscriminately, and battling with the army. There are also claims of Jordanian cars in the city. An Associated Press photographer says protestors have smashed two police cars and windows on a number of buildings.

It’s not clear whether any of this is true. In the absence of foreign reporters, rumours will continue to spread like wildfire.

And the Syrian authorities are doing all they can to make sure reporters can not do their job. Khaled Yacoub Oweis, a Reuters correspondent in Syria, who has done a fine job for many years, has been expelled. Oweis is now reporting on Syria from…Amman. Meanwhile, two Reuters journalists were detained for a short time.

As journalists find it harder to work in the country, the YouTube brigades will rule supreme, and anyone with access to a telephone will be able to add their commentary on international news channels.

Politically, Hilary Clinton, in an apparent bid to strengthen Syria’s doves in their battle with the militarists, has said that both Democrats and Republicans believe President Bashar Al-Assad is a reformer. (Shame they couldn’t have shown that earlier.)


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  • 1 Syria Almighty // Mar 29, 2011 at 4.26 am

    Until reporters can actually do their jobs and report the truth rather then lies, as their networks broadcast videos from Lebanon in 2008, saying that this is Syria now, they will NEVER be allowed into the country.

    And Sasa, the vandalism is very true. There are hundreds of videos all over Youtube documenting it. I, myself, have collected over 30 videos of pro-government demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of government supporters going unnoticed by the media, and have seen pictures and videos of attacked and burned shops, and attacked hospitals, hospital workers and ambulances. If you need anything, please ask.

  • 2 Joseph Coton // Mar 29, 2011 at 5.19 pm

    The press is so biased, it is sickening! but soon they will change their song and we are already hearing that the protestors NEVER asked that Bashar leaves….

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  • 4 Ralph // Mar 30, 2011 at 5.24 pm

    Even though this blog is still supporting the falling assassin who still refuse to recognize the misery his own people is living in, I applaud the new sense of realistic information that the author is writing about in some parts of the article. I see that doubt has started infiltrating the minds of people who can use their brains, even the hardcore fans of the bloody dictator. Any true and intelligent Syrian today must see and denounce how the regime is treating Syrian people on the streets asking for their God-given rights.
    I hope you will be true to your consciousness and now that Bashar did NOT lift the emergency law as he promised days ago, and as you reported in this blog, you will realize more and more what a liar and deceiver this tyrant is.

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