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Is something changing?

June 28th, 2011 · 3 Comments · Media

Maybe this is a little optimistic, but…

With foreign journalists allowed into the country, moving relatively freely (although with government minders accompanying them); with Michel Kilo and Aref Dalila allowed to take part in an opposition meeting; and with SANA reporting the following – has something changed? (Even the fact that their headline acknowledges that there is a Syrian opposition is new).

Participants in the meeting, in their final communiqué, voiced support for the popular peaceful Intifada for the realization of its aims as to move to a civil, democratic and plural state.

The participants also called for an end to ”security alternative” for the withdrawal of security forces from cities, towns and villages. The participants underscored in their communiqué the “right to peaceful demonstration with no prior approval”.

The journalists, who went to cover the meeting, in particular Satellite TV channels, including the Syrian TV, which were ready to transmit live the meeting, were caught by a surprise when the sessions of the meeting were held behind closed-doors. The journalists were only allowed few minutes to take some pictures.

And so it was that SANA woke up – just a little bit.


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  • 1 Norman // Jul 2, 2011 at 1.41 am


    The president has to move faster and have a plan and tell the people where he sees Syria going, If he does that the Syrians will follow him and abandon the opposition, if he keep wishy washy, the people will pass him and i do not know if they would want him to lead them as he would have lost (( THE VISION THING)).

    he is the best one to lead Syria in this difficult tome as he is the one most trusted, he just has to move like a rabbit not like a turtle, Syrians are short tempered these days,

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  • 3 Ramadan Yay! // Aug 2, 2011 at 10.46 am

    Wo, Nelly. We, in the UK, don’t even have the right to peaceful demonstration ‘with no prior approval.’

    I agree, Bashar (sans, Assad clan) is the best candidate to lead the country. With the global climate as it is right now, stability for development is pure gold dust.

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