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Message from a Syrian army officer

August 7th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Politics

I held back on publishing this yesterday because I couldn’t verify. This was a comment passed to me yesterday morning by the nephew of Damascene army officer serving in Daraa.

He accurately predicted today’s Deir Al-Zour killings (42 have died there today). I’ll let you judge the veracity of the rest for yourself. Obviously he wants to remain anonymous.

First, he was asked about the killing of an army lieutenant in Daraa on Friday by a soldier who had defected. This story struck me as odd, because it was sourced only by an Al-Arabiya reporter, and didn’t reappear.

The officer laughed when he heard the rumour, and said, ‘would I be allowed home for weekend leave if that had happened?’

A few other comments from his nephew:

“He said [on Friday and Saturday] he travelled all around Damascus himself and with his kids. He said opposition demonstrations are getting smaller & it’s getting safer.”

“He feels now it’s just a group of people travelling around the city for different demonstrations because the [total number of demonstrators is] minimal.”

“He told me it’s getting better [overall] and Deir Al-Zour is what’s really left of armed gangs. Hama is almost done – they arrested the majority.”


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  • 1 MJ // Aug 8, 2011 at 12.57 am

    what happens when these cities start protesting again? what if the armed gangs are all caught and people are still protesting? what happens next?

  • 2 MJ // Aug 8, 2011 at 1.06 am

    just to note some things:

    – i dont know how far he’s traveled around damascus, but if hes talking about central damascus then hes right it is quiet as usual. However, barzeh is not, so is Moudamiyeh, Daraya, Harasta and Qaboon.

    – I don’t understand by what he means its getting safer? I’ve been to Moudamiyeh and Artous and I wasn’t killed. I’ve been to Daraya to fix my car last week.

    – there is a customs check point i pass by everyday going to work. usually there would be around 4-5 men in the checkpoint, in the past couple of days there were non.

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