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Asef Shawkat assassinated?

May 20th, 2012 · 2 Comments · BREAKING NEWS

The FSA seems to be claiming that it has killed Asef Shawkat. (This has NOT been reported elsewhere yet).

6 or 8 high-ranking officials were rushed to the Shami hospital in Malki, according to the LCC, after they were poisoned by a chef. Malki is the richest neighbourhood in Damascus, and is home to the president’s house.

Shortly afterwards, there were reports of heavy gunfire in Malki and neighbouring Abu Rumaneh. Further downhill, in Shalaan, there was apparently a large explosion.

Is this the night that changes it all? Or just another moment in Syria’s enduring tragedy.


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  • 1 William Scott Scherk // May 20, 2012 at 10.01 am

    Hope you can put this rumour to bed one way or the other. Tantalizing for some, ruination for others, and for the thoughtful, ruminations on the New Syria.

  • 2 Malik // May 25, 2012 at 11.35 pm

    Hoping that this problema will be solved by sheer force, in favour of one side or the other, is the worst indeed. If they had the power to kill him, they’re not ‘victimized civilians’ no longer: they become the executioner, the tormentor. That’s the bad aspect of smuggling weaponts into Syria to give power to once before ‘peaceful protesters’ …

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